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I.Customer & Local Collaboration:

1.Collaboration and Communication:

Act as the primary point of contact for the customer and facilitate regular communication between the customer and headquarters.

Ensure effective communication of project updates, milestones, challenges, and requirements between both parties.

2.Local Adaptation and Compliance:

Work closely with the customer to adapt autonomous trucking technology and operational strategies to align with local regulations, terminal traffic conditions, and operational norms.

Ensure compliance with local regulations, safety standards, and operational requirements.

3.Stakeholder Engagement:

Foster strong relationships with customers, local authorities, regulatory bodies, and other relevant stakeholders.

Collaborate to address any concerns, obtain necessary permits, and ensure a smooth deployment process.

II.Project Execution and HQ Coordination:

4.Project Execution and Coordination:

Execute the project plan... as outlined by headquarters, ensuring all project phases, timelines, and deliverables are met.

Coordinate cross-functional teams, both within the local context and with headquarters, to ensure smooth execution.

5.Progress Tracking and Reporting:

Monitor project progress, milestones, and key performance indicators, reporting updates to both the customer and headquarters.

Prepare regular project status reports and documentation for transparency and accountability.

6.Collaboration with HQ:

Align project execution with directives from headquarters, ensuring adherence to strategic goals, timelines, and quality standards.

Collaborate with HQ teams for technical support, decision-making, and resource allocation.

III.On-site team collaboration:

7.Local Operational Oversight:

Oversee day-to-day operational aspects of autonomous truck deployment, including testing, maintenance, and data management.

Coordinate local resources and logistics to support deployment activities.

8.Cultural Facilitation and Collaboration:

Act as a cultural liaison, ensuring effective communication and understanding between the Chinese team and local stakeholders.

Foster an inclusive and collaborative environment that values diverse perspectives and expertise.

Job Qualifications:

1.Bachelor's or higher degree in Engineering, Business, or related fields.

2.Language, can speak or write simple Chinese for daily communication.

3.Proven experience in project management and technology deployment within the local market, preferably in the automotive or autonomous vehicle sector.

4.Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to engage effectively with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds.

5.Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to bridge cultural gaps, promote collaboration, and navigate cultural sensitivities.

6.Excellent communication skills for conveying project updates, requirements, and challenges.

7.Familiarity with local regulations and operational norms related to autonomous vehicles is a plus.

8.Proficiency in project management methodologies and tools.

9.Flexibility to work collaboratively across time zones and with cross-functional teams
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