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Company Overview

At SPACE44, we've mastered the art of team augmentation to empower tech growth across the US and Europe. Our approach isn't just about scaling; it's about integrating high-caliber experts into existing Software Engineering's operations with the finesse of in-house recruitment and the flexibility of outsourcing.

We stand by our ethos that joy in work breeds innovation, and peak performance comes from nurturing excellence. Stepping into SPACE44 means you're not just taking a job, you're joining a movement that values your development as much as our collective success.

Discover a company where your work is impactful, your personal growth is prioritized, and your potential is unleashed. Build the future of workforce with us.

Who We Are Looking For

SPACE44 is inviting a highly skilled Social Media Video Editor with specialized expertise in editing vlogs and interviews to join our enthusiastic remote team. If you have a creative flair for editing and a keen eye for... storytelling, and if you excel at transforming raw footage into compelling narratives with a passion for social media, this is your chance to help us captivate our audience across the globe.

• Interview and Vlog Editing: Work with existing interviews and vlog content, shaping them into polished, engaging narratives while maintaining the speakers' authentic voice.
• Platform-Specific Content: Adapt and optimize video content for different social media platforms, ensuring the highest engagement and consistency with platform trends.
• Creative Collaboration: Engage with our existing content creator to synchronize video content with the overall content strategy, incorporating feedback and input to improve the final product.
• Trend Awareness: Keep a pulse on current social media video trends to ensure our content is fresh, relevant, and ahead of the curve.

Role & Career Requirements:
• A degree in Film, Media Production, Communications, or a related field is preferred. (nice to have)
• A minimum of 3 years' demonstrated experience in video editing with a strong focus on social media content, including experience with vlogs and interviews.
• Proficient use of video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or equivalent.
• Familiarity with various social media platforms and their respective content specifications and audience engagement strategies.
• A comprehensive portfolio that showcases your ability to weave compelling stories through video, including work on vlogs, interviews, and other social media content.

Key Skills:
• Trend Awareness: A keen sense for the latest trends in vlogging and podcasting, ensuring our content resonates with contemporary audiences and reflects premium positioning and a high-quality approach
• Time Management: Robust organizational abilities to prioritize tasks and manage multiple projects effectively in a remote work environment.
• Communication: Excellent communication and interpersonal skills for successful remote collaboration with team members across different regions and cultures.
• Strong Understanding of Social Media: Expertise in tailoring video content to the unique audience and content specifications of various social media platforms.
• Creativity and Advisory: A passion for creating innovative video content and an ability to provide advice on production techniques and enhancements to ensure the final product is of the highest quality.

• Embrace a true remote working lifestyle and enjoy a non-linear workday that aligns with your productivity and personal life balance.
• Be a part of a rapidly scaling business and market, playing a crucial role in driving the company's success.
• Work with the latest and most innovative tools and systems in a fully digital business environment.
• Take ownership of your role with a high degree of accountability and responsibility.
• Continuously develop and grow through coaching, training, and self-development, with half-yearly performance reviews focusing on both fair compensation and personal and professional development opportunities.
• Experience working in a cutting-edge SAAS system environment, staying ahead of industry trends and advancements
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