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At One&Only, we exist to create joy for our guests through anticipation, creativity, precision, empathy and warmth. We tailor every aspect of our guests’ stay to bring their dreams and desires to life. With an atmosphere that’s chic but wonderfully unstuffy™, and a team who are meticulous but warm, we seek to exceed our guests’ expectations at every possible turn.

Cushioned in the foothills of the breath-taking Virunga Volcano Range, One&Only Gorilla’s Nest makes the magical possible to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime, personal encounter with the rare and majestic mountain gorilla, roaming free in its own natural habitat. The warm African charm is one of our most unique and valued assets. With abundant knowledge and generosity, we anticipate our guest’s every need and surpass expectations. Whether we are designing the perfect day out or arranging a romantic private dinner, we approach everything with imagination to spark a sense of playfulness, discovery and adventure. This is... not simply our job, it’s our passion. We don’t just exist in the environment, we exist with the environment; from working the land or building a shelter, we like to give back in as many ways as we can to help our communities flourish.

Job Details & Requirements

At One&Only our passion is to create moments of joy, where guests can truly let loose, forget the world and feel alive.

Our Colleagues are tuned-in and are the beating heart of our brand. We don’t just operate amazing resorts, we create joy in

everything we do.

Due to the location and complexities of the operation at One and Only Gorilla’s Nest and One&Only Nyungwe House you will be required to work in other departments as and when required and support the team to deliver the customer experience.

Job Summary

As Pastry Chef you will create pastry and bakery items at the One&Only Gorillas Nest and One&Only Nyungwe House with the aim off maintaining the established standards, ensuring profitability and achieving maximum guest satisfaction. Ensure the quality and standards as per One&Only are kept and followed, and ensure all important information is communicated with the direct supervisor. All HACCP standards are followed and improved consistently.

Key Duties And Responsibilities

Workplace policies, rules and procedures.
• Be familiar with workplace policies, rules and procedures.
• At all times, adhere to:
• Associate Handbook
• Group and unit policies
• Departmental operating procedures/workflows
• Ad hoc communication (notices, instructions by management, meetings, etc.)
• Legal and contractual obligations (health and safety, good faith, conditions of employment, etc.)

Performance Management
• Do annual performance appraisals and forward to HR.
• Monitor Colleague’s compliance to Job Profiles.
• Investigate and address cases of misconduct and incapacity - as per IR procedure.
• Assess efficiency of Departmental workflow and amend if necessary.

Training and development
• Do development interviews with Colleagues (highlight training needs, decide on plan of action and track progress) on a quarterly basis, in conjunction with performance appraisals.
• Forward these to HR Department.
• Assess compliance to standards and do on-the-job guidance/ training to address performance gaps.

Time Management
• Roster Colleagues according to business levels. Weekly, based on business levels. Display on notice boards for the next week.
• Schedule Colleagues for days off and leave.
• Maximum balance not to exceed 1.5 times entitlement at any time.
• Annual leave planner to be done for new financial year.
• Check that all Colleagues are on duty.
• Keep Attendance Register.
• Upon commencement of shift. Liaise with Business Partner Management (if appl.)
• Manage hours worked according to the “averaging of working hours” –
• .As per the TBH time keeping policy. PC Member to authorise any overtime (at end of cycle).

Effective Communication
• Convene monthly Departmental meetings. Forward minutes to HR Department by the month-end
• Convene morning briefings, daily
• Convene meetings with Business Partners, monthly
• Liaise with Management of Business Partner.

Health & Safety
• Ensure safe and healthy work environment for Colleagues.
• All equipment to be accompanied by safety instructions on how to use and clean
• Monthly H&S checklists to be completed by department representative and returned to Security by 15th of each month.
• All materials issued from First Aid Box to be recorded in order to be replenished by security..

Maintenance of equipment
• Ensure that all equipment is in good working order.
• Weekly walk about to be done with maintenance associate.
• List of faults to be forwarded to Maintenance manager immediately.
• Ensure that all equipment is used in the correct manner.
• Instructions for correct use of equipment to be communicated to all associates.

Stock Control
• Stock loss/ damage to be minimised and monitored.
• Monthly operating equipment stock take to be carried out according to procedure.
• No orders to go out without micros dockets.
• Stock takes to be accurate by weighing off correctly and in correct unit of measurement.
• Fridges to be kept clean at all times with items clearly labelled, prepped for stock takes.
• Operating Equipment to be stacked neatly for counting.
• Check all daily order and issue requests.
• All order/issue requests to be allocated to correct store.
• Avoid over ordering and excess stock by referring to function sheets etc. before placing an order.
• Place order requests on PeopleSoft according to market list, occupancy, dept. requirements & upcoming functions.
• Cross utilisation of items, check stock on hand before ordering.

Food Hygiene
• Arrange regular deep clean and maintain hygiene procedures & controls.
• On-going - 95% quarterly Hygiene Audit score.
• All food to be wrapped, marked, dated and stored on designated shelves at correct temperature (Colleagues only to bring up what they need for mise en place).

• Ensure that high standard of food is consistently maintained and improved upon.
• Mise en place done according to standard recipes & costs.
• Checklists to be followed.
• Presentation as per operational requirement.
• As per organisational requirements
• Check consistency in food quality, timing, preparation and presentation.

• Be aware of macro/ micro- environment and the effects on business & costs.
• Be innovative and strive for change.
• Be continually up to date with food trends & fashion.

• Keep budgets and cost in line to ensure that operation is profitable.
• Effective planning, systems and controls.
• Achieve maximum profits.
• Budgeting of costs to be done on all recipes.
• Food cost below 30%.

• Successful management of all Resort restaurants/ outlets.
• Consistent standards.
• Cost controls.
• Productive Colleagues.
• Trend setting & innovative projects.
• Analysis & assessment to improve.
• Accommodate all guests’ requests as far as possible.

Start of shift
• Ensure that all Colleagues are present according to department rosters.
• Read handover book from previous shift.
• Handover from chef on duty & Handover to relevant departments re. requirements for functions & service.
• Check daily operation sheets and hang up on pass daily.
• Ensure all prep is ready for service
• Check that all equipment is turned on & operational for service
• Delegate tasks for service to associates
• Draw up daily task lists & production schedule for service & function prep with assistance of subordinates
• Ensure that stock for service is sufficient and available
• Ensure store issues have been processed and signed to be collected from relevant store at 08:30
• Items to be packed away accordingly

End of shift
• Ensure department is clean & tidy ready for dinner service as per standards

Skills, Requirements And Qualifications
• Culinary qualification
• 5 years’ experience including 2 years in a similar position.
• Exposure and experience in international food standards
• Knowledge of and experience in fine dinning, a la carte, buffet and banqueting service
• Fluency in English is essential, any additional languages is preferable
• Ability to develop and train Colleagues
• Strong management and leadership skills
• High energy levels and ability to deal with stress
• Knowledge of food cost control and menu planning
• Knowledge of and experience in health and hygiene audits
• Knowledge of disciplinary procedures as set out by company
• Must have experience running a Pastry Production Kitchen.
• Skills should include patisserie, confectionery and bakery.
• African expatriate experience preferred.
• Core VAlues & Competencies

Blow Away The Customer
• I care and work towards exceeding the expectations of my customers
• I am proactive and deliver unique and everlasting memories for our customers

Develop Passionate and Committed People
• I am committed to being thoughtful towards our colleagues
• I am passionate about my role

Continuously Strive for Perfections (good enough never is)
• I constantly seek new ways and ideas to improve what I do
• I am inspired to make a difference

Achieve Sustainable Bottom Line Performance
• I am honest and fair
• I take responsibility and contribute towards the financial performance of where I work
• Functional competencies

• I present a professional image according to established standards

• I adapt my communication to the message and the audience
• I deliver effective written communications

Functional Skills & Knowledge
• I understand the full scope of my duties and demonstrate initiative
• I take full responsibility for my actions

Planning & Organizing
• I set realistic goals both for myself and my colleagues in line with organization strategies
• I handle multiple priorities effectively

Team Management & Development / Influencing & Working with Others
• I devote time in training and coaching each colleague
• I conduct regular performance management discussions for my colleagues and monitor their progress

Where Colleagues do not have anyone to supervise,

then the competency will be replaced by with the following 2 behaviors:
• I am able to influence others when required to speak and present ideas
• I am able to work with other colleagues and departments effectively

Problem Solving & Decision Making
• I involve all the appropriate people to resolve problems in the business
• I proactively facilitate prompt and appropriate decision making

Innovation & Creativity
• I regularly seek new opportunities for change
• I assist in resolving resistance to change

Our brand is expanding faster than ever before. We are investing in the growth of our company, and that means we are committed to investing in you. Join a team that is open-hearted, intuitive, generous, and spontaneous in spirit. We believe in making our guests happy beyond anything they have ever imagined. We wow them at every turn and create memories that will last a lifetime. You will be at the heart of this vision, to constantly innovate to deliver Amazing Experiences and Everlasting Memories
Kinigi Rwanda


Apply - Executive Pastry Chef Kinigi