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液化空气集团早在1916年就进入中国,70年代开始向中国提供空分设备,经过多年的稳步发展,目前在中国设有近120家工厂,遍布40多个城市,拥有约5000名员工。集团在华主要经营范围包括工业及医用气体的运营,家庭健康服务,工程与制造业务,以及全球市场与技术和上海创新园从事的创新业务。公司业务已覆盖中国主要的沿海工业区域,并继续向中部、南部和西部地区拓展。 液化空气通过创造卓越绩效和履行责任追求盈利性增长和长期可持续发展,并保持在中国的行业领先地位。依托于集团的长期战略与全球资源,公司聚焦能源、环境、高科技和健康等领域,以迎接挑战并创造新的市场机遇。凭借专业团队的全力支持,公司致力于为客户提供可信赖的服务与高附加值解决方案,同时履行企业社会责任。 GL Accountant,Shanghai 您将如何贡献和成长? Data Collection, Examination and Preparation: responsible for collecting production related data from Business, examining the data generated in system and reminding Business to raise and accept PO in time. Intercompany Reconciliation (Sales & Cost): responsible for checking the consistency of inter-companies’ sales and cost data and informing Business to adjust for any discrepancies. Manual Accrual and Adjustment for Costing: responsible for performing manual accrual and adjustments to ensure that all costing related expenses are posted in time and with accuracy. Inventory Movement Analysis and Accounting: responsible for... collecting, checking, and posting entry for inventory movement. Cost Variance Analysis: responsible for conducting the cost variance analysis (loss ratio analysis), generating the margin report to controller/BP/GMs for further business review and analysis. Tax Calculation and Tax Accrual: responsible for collecting tax data, calculating tax amount, and posting entry for tax accrual, as well as taking tax exemption into consideration. Tax Declaration and Tax Filing: responsible for executing the monthly tax declaration, annual corporate income tax filing and transfer pricing documentation preparation work within the deadlines. Government Compliance_ Tax Inspection: responsible for leading the tax inspection, preparing documents and explanations, and coordinating other teams to meet the requirements of tax bureau Treasury Accounting: responsible for principal & interest accrual, reconciliation, and invoicing processing. PEX Accounting: responsible for PEX accrual, charge in & out, reconciliation and true-up processing. E&I Accounting: responsible for E&I project maintenance (creation, revision and closure), cost & sales accounting, as well as the margin report analysis. Other Journal Entries: including Safety, Royalty, IFRS16, SSC Fee Allocation, Long term investment accounting, etc. Month-End Closing Tasks: responsible for executing the month-end closing tasks with control and compliance under the instruction of the closing calendar, to ensure that all entries are posted in time and with accuracy, and reports are submitted within deadlines. BSR Preparation and Analysis after Closing: responsible for generating the Balance Sheet Reconciliation Report, analysing differences, and communicating with other finance or business teams for issue resolution. Statutory Reporting: responsible for preparing statutory report. Management Reporting: responsible for executing the management reports preparation, explanation and analysis as required. Government Reporting: responsible for providing data and explanation to government per required by government Responsible for providing financial data (including PRC report, BSR, T/T, etc.), making explanation and executing coordination work with other teams for audit report preparation. Responsible for reviewing final statutory audit report to ensure control and compliance Be active on the continuous improvement about GL procedure and join in the related innovation project per required. Be proactively engaged in CIMP/GYM projects Internal / External Coordination and Communication Other ad-hoc tasks 您是合适的人选么? Bachelor’s degree required with a preference in Finance or Accounting More than 2 years’ GL working experience and 4 years’ finance work experiences Costing / Tax related working experience is preferred Working experience with FP&A is a plus Candidates with accounting related qualification (CPA, ACCA, AICPA or equivalent) is a plus Good command of written and oral English and Mandarin Proficiency in IFRS and PRC GAAP accounting standards Familiar with Chinese Accounting Practice and Tax Bureau Demands Proficiency in Google or MS Suite, especially for data analysis 关于液化空气集团 液化空气集团 —— 全球工业与健康领域气体、技术和服务的领导者,业务遍及78个国家/地区,员工约64,500 人,为380多万名客户与患者提供服务。氧气、氮气和氢气是生命、物质及能源不可或缺的小分子。它们象征着液化空气的科学疆域,自集团1902年成立以来,始终位于其业务的核心。 多样化造就了我们的业绩 在液化空气,我们致力于建立一个多元化和包容性的工作场所,拥抱来自全球的员工、客户、患者、社区利益相关者和文化的多样性。 我们欢迎并考虑所有合格申请人的申请,无论他们的背景如何。我们坚信,多元化的组织为人们提供了展示个人和集体才能的机会,它有助于培养我们的创新能力,通过践行我们的基本原则、为我们的成功而努力并在不断变化的世界中创造一个有吸引力的环境。 産業・医療ガスの製造、販売、関連サービスにおける世界的リーダーであるエア・リキードは、従業員の情熱と多様性を通じて、エネルギー、環境、ヘルスケアやデジタル化における様々な変化を活用し、大きな価値を提供します。 エア・リキードではオープンで協力的、かつ従業員同士が敬意を持った創造的な環境で成長することができます。 具体的にどんな経験が得られるのか、ぜひ私たちの仲間のストーリーをご覧ください。
Jing'An Shanghai China


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