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**Job Description**

Manage the overall Supply Chain Strategy in accordance with the international Supply Chain SOPs.
Analyse and provide Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to the DDO.
Compile the monthly PRTS and SCMR and submit to NY and DDO no later than 7th of each month.
Conduct routine field visits to assess and provide action plan to ensure proper implementation of IRC Supply Chain Policies.
Participate in all SMT, Grants Opening Meetings (GoM), Grants Closing Meetings (GcM) in order to provide Supply Chain oversight on program activities.
Draw up and implement regular and thorough training and refresher courses on Supply Chain procedures for Programs and Supply Chain staff in Kabul as well as the provinces.
Ensure that all new hires SC staff are trained on the BvA system during their first week in Afghanistan.
Closely work with IT and other department on pre-deployment, trainings of Integra system
Mitigate risk of fraud by ensuring that fraud prevention strategy is in place... and implemented; and fraud training is provided to all SC and other None- SC staff involved in procurements on a regular basis and report to DDO.
Closely work with Procurement Managers, Program, supports budget holders to maintain Projects Procurement Planning (PP) and ensure all procurement activities are completed as scheduled in the PPs and they are updated on weekly basis.
Closely work with DDO, Regional Supply Chain Director (RSCD), programs budget holders in activating Emergency Procurement Plan and comply with the timeframe.

Logistics and Warehouse: Closely work with Logistics Manager to ensure:
Master Asset List, Inventory, Warehouse data are up to date
Support Medical Logistics Manager on Pharma warehouse management and reporting mechanism
To support annual asset, inventory and warehouse physical count session is conducted on time and reported
Logistics submit closing project Assets and Warehouse inventory (leftover) reports before ending the project
Logistics Manager, IT Coordinator, Field Coordinators, Safety Security Coordinator all damaged/obsolete and clutters are planned for disposal.
To work with Logistics Manager all IRC Assets given to staff have signed Issue form that is digitalized and maintained in secure box folder.
Missing assets and stock inventory are recorded and reported to SMT on timely manner
Warehouses meet all IRC standards on safety security, free from any type of rodent, insects, cracks and are well equipped with proper lighting, wooden pallets, shelving, cooling system, exhaust fans
There is 20% cycle count sessions conducted in all IRC Afghanistan storages and reports submitted on timely manner.

To ensure all procurement and other supply chain documentations are in compliance with IRC and it donors’ procedures and no bias/missing documents are processed
To closely work with Finance department in submitting all procurement documents on time for review and payment process
To manage the vendors and providers payment and deliveries
To provide fraud control trainings and conduct these sessions on regular basis to all SC and None-SC staff involved in procurements in any nature.
To flag to DDO/CD/DDE any red flag or fraudulence action on timely manner and take an immediate action
All procurement vendors and providers are followed with ATC, SAM, OFAC, UN and other vetting and those records are the files.

Fields Trip:
To schedule fields trip to closely work with Field Coordinators and SC staff on their trainings, capacity building ensuring compliance with SC SOPs and policies.
To submit field visit reports including recommendation and action plan for improvement and maintain regular follow up

Ensure all MPA Master Purchase Agreements, MSAs Master Service Agreements are up to date and those expiring should be processed for renewal or re-tender 2-3 months advance
Closely work with Regional SC Director, DDO and Quality Assurance (QA) unit on all procurement documentations on timely manner
To closely work with Implementation Coordinator, Budget holders planning procurements on time and identify goods/services require repeated orders for new MPA MSA
Update MSA MPA trackers and share with budget holders and SMT on weekly basis
All fields’ procurements are given priority and field staff follow the procurement plans and submit updated versions on weekly basis
Ensure local/International Pharma and other goods procurement are prioritized and communicated with stakeholders on timely manner.
Maintain Vendors list updated on monthly basis for Kabul and all other fields and shared with SMT
To ensure all SC Procurement staff, Field Coordinators, Field Manager and other staff involved in procurement in any nature are well trained and understand procurement SOPs.
All MPAs MSAs necessary samples are available in Kabul or site offices storage with proper labelling and coding for easy recognition.

Supply Chain Budgeting:
Involve in all SC budgeting such as offices expenses, vehicle service/repair, insurance
Regularly work with DDO to ensure there is enough budget available for SC staffing across the mission
Budget for generators fuel and consumable supplies (Filters, Engine Oil, Spare parts).

Fleet Management: To closely work with the Senior Fleet Manager on:
Fleet management policies and procedures and all updated forms are used within the mission
All IRC official vehicles are insurance, receive regular maintenance, spare part stock is replenished on time
All rental vehicles Master Service Agreements are valid and renewed or re-tendered 2-3 months in advance
All field offices receive rental vehicle based on projects plan on time and those vehicles delivered by the provider are up to standards with IRC global Fleet Management Policy
Rental vehicle company provides necessary safety driving trainings, and their drivers are in complaint with IRC and local traffic orders.
All IRC official vehicles regular service, repair and spending take place on time.
All generators are fully functional and there is backup power in every field office
All vehicles registration licenses are valid and renewed on timely manner
Armoured Vehicles movement permits are updated in advance
Obsolete/old vehicles and generators are listed and proposed for disposal
New vehicles budgeted in new business development opportunities either on depreciation method or direct purchase
Fleet budget is made in all grants to ensure their service, maintenance, fuel, spare parts

Ensure monthly Supply Chain Monthly Report (SCMR) is submitted to online porter before it is closed
Ensure fields SC provide their fleet, procurement, warehouse, inventory, and Asset reports on timely manner
To work with DDO on quarterly Action Plans and maintain regular update and submit completed action on timely manner.
Ensure annual fiscal year (Year End), Assets, Warehouse and inventory reports are submitted on time in close coordination with Finance
Closely work with all fields, Finance for all audit reports
• *Qualifications**

\- Master’s degree in business administration, Operations Management, or similar field with demonstrable experience in Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain, Business Management or related fields is preferable
\- At least 7 years + progressive management and leadership experience IN Supply Chain Field.
\- Experience working with donors including USAID, OFDA, BHA, BPRM, UNHCR, DFID, AHF, SIDA, ECHO, GFFO, KFW and EU and Knowledge of specific donor guidelines.
\- Field experience of managing a large multi-site Supply Chain Operation and an international work experience in multiple countries preferable
\- Solid knowledge and understanding of practical Supply Chain procedures and maintaining supply pipelines in areas with weak infrastructure.
\- Experience in training needs assessment and building staff capacity
\- Experience in mitigating risk of fraud
\- Strong organizational, interpersonal and communication skills.
\- Strong analytical skills and computer competency with word processing, spreadsheets, databases and other IT skills.
\- Possess leadership qualities and willing to exercise initiative.
\- Strong work ethic and pro-active problem solver.
\- Willingness to participate, contribute and lead the team under challenging working and living conditions.
\- Spoken and written English fluency preferably with command of Pashto and Dari
Kabul Afghanistan


Apply - Supply Chain Coordinator- Afghan Nationals Only Kabul