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About The Job

As a member of Red Hat’s Field CTO organization, Chief Architects serve as senior level architects and strategists, engaging with technology leaders in enterprise-scale organizations and across our ecosystem of partners to explore alignment between their business goals and technology use cases and Red Hat’s broad portfolio of offerings. Chief Architects leverage the credibility of their own experience, knowledge of Red Hat’s offerings, and roadmaps to become a trusted representative of Red Hat’s message, whether in a small meeting or on stage in front of a large audience. Chief Architects synthesize and represent feedback from these engagements as input into Red Hat’s strategic planning processes, and as education to Red Hat’s global field teams on emerging trends and needs across our customers and ecosystem of partners.

This Chief Architect position will focus on enterprise-scale commercial companies and organizations in Latin America.

Successful candidates will... bring experience in broad technology architecture, in one or more industries, in both traditional and emerging IT practices. Candidates should have a strong knowledge of Red Hat’s portfolio of offerings and differentiation in the competitive technology landscape. The selected candidate will be expected to gain an understanding of and ability to represent Red Hat’s research and emerging technology areas. Chief Architects support Red Hat’s sales process through the creation, curation, and education of common patterns, defined through interactions with the broad set of customers and ecosystem of partners. While Chief Architects are engaged in the sales process, the role prioritizes engaging in relationships built on trust and exchange of mutually beneficial value, not on closing sales.

What You Will Do
• Represent Red Hat’s strategic message in meetings and briefings with customers, Executive Briefing Center (EBC) sessions, professional and technology communities, interviews with media analysts, and on stage at public events.
• Understand and articulate the innovative vision and business requirements of customers and partners, identify the drivers and opportunities for working with Red Hat, and provide technical and business value guidance in alignment with the Red Hat portfolio and ecosystem of partner offerings.
• Serve as a subject matter expert to Red Hat’s Technical Sales community in a specific geography, industry, or technology area, leveraging the library of architectural patterns to create Sales, Support, and Engineering efficiencies.
• Aggregate, define and capture valuable insights and efforts produced during engagements with customers, partners, and communities as reusable patterns, including code, configuration, documentation, and enablement in written and video formats.
• Represent the aggregate voice of enterprise customers as part of Red Hat’s strategic planning processes, using verified and documented stories from customer and community engagements to help justify proposed investments.
• Enable the use of Open Source community practices as a model for collaboration inside and outside Red Hat.
• Review complex technical architectures when requested by Solution Architects in the field, helping validate technical and business aspects of the proposed solution.

What You Will Bring
• Ability to communicate clearly and confidently in spoken, written, and visual forms, both live and recorded, at scale ranging from individual conversations with executives and media to large public audiences.
• Ability to discover and understand functional business requirements across various industries and map back to appropriate technologies and practices from Red Hat and across our ecosystem of partners.
• Ability to define and describe complex domain architecture from a logical, functional, and technical perspective, and document these architectures using tools that support both reuse of the pattern and deployment according to common GitOps/DevOps practices.
• Ability to capture and collaborate on reusable architectural patterns, in formats ranging across written documentation, slides, diagrams, code, and/or configurations, using tools appropriate for the type of architecture, format, and audience.
• Knowledge of AI software solutions.
• Strong understanding of open source and community models of collaboration.
• Act as technical leaders demonstrating those qualities Red Hat values in field-facing staff, providing mentorship, and continuously improving the organization.
• Demonstrated ability to collaborate in teams and across teams, building relationships based on trust and sharing of knowledge.
• Demonstrated ability to solve meaningful problems using multiple technologies and practices, and document and communicate the solution to a team/organization for sustainment and reuse
• Spanish or Portuguese speaker and proficient in English

Desired experience
• Deep hands-on knowledge of Red Hat’s product portfolio in development or production scenarios
São Paulo State of São Paulo Brazil


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