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We are looking for a colleague with a passion for visualization and cutting-edge technologies. He/she will work full-time, remotely (from home or any other location), constantly communicating via multimedia with the other team members.

The ARPM Full Stack Developer - Front-End Focus position represents an opportunity for candidates to work on shaping the next generation of tools for online learning and content management in a high-performing environment.

Job responsibilities
• Independently redesign and constantly update our learning management system and public website to enhance user experience and engagement.
• Create comprehensive system designs, UI kits, and prototypes, and translate these designs into functional web applications.
• Implement responsive web designs that are accessible across different devices and screen sizes, ensuring a consistent user experience.
• Continuously maintain and enhance both back-end and front-end systems, addressing bug fixes and developing new... features to elevate functionality and user experience.

• Front-End Development Skills

Senior-level Front-End Development expertise is required, with a minimum of 5 years of experience:

-HTML/CSS: Expertise in creating responsive and accessible web designs. Skilled in converting conceptual designs into functional HTML/CSS code, achieving pixel-perfect outcomes.

-JavaScript: Proficiency in JavaScript programming, including ES6+ features, asynchronous programming, and in-depth experience with jQuery.

-CSS/SCSS: Demonstrated experience with CSS/SCSS, focused on complex designs and visual aesthetics.

-Bootstrap: Solid understanding and practical experience with Bootstrap's grid system and responsive design principles.

-UI Component Development and UI Kit Design: Ability to generate reusable UI components and create a fully uniformed UI kit, ensuring consistency across the application.

-Bundling Tool Proficiency: Proficient with tools like Vite, Laravel Mix, or similar for efficient web development, offering expertise in fast reloads, optimization, and integration.

-Bonus: Experience with Vue.js or React.js, which indicates versatility in modern web development.
• Laravel/PHP Skills

Mid-level to senior-level knowledge of Laravel and PHP is required, with a minimum of 3 years of experience:

-PHP and Laravel: Ability to understand and work with core PHP concepts and the Laravel framework efficiently.

-Laravel Blade: Skilled in using the Laravel Blade templating engine for dynamic content rendering and efficient development of user interfaces.

-Eloquent ORM & MySQL: Proficiency in using Laravel's Eloquent ORM for database operations and strong knowledge of MySQL database management.

What we offer
• Remote full-time work
• Competitive salary package
• Dynamic international environment


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