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Our client, a leading DTC E-commerce brand, is seeking an E-Commerce Manager with strong B2C experience. The position entails a range of responsibilities, including the development of Shopify product listings, crafting keyword-optimized product descriptions, overseeing inventory management, and ensuring a seamless flow between Shopify and ERP systems.

The ideal candidate will be tasked with product launches, the creation of product bundles, and supporting marketing initiatives, and must possess outstanding English communication abilities. Situated in the EST time zone, the role demands an individual who can proactively address technical challenges and enhance the overall performance of the online store.

Location: Fully-Remote (Work from Home), 9 AM - 5 PM EST

Key Responsibilities:
• Product Launch Strategy: Strategically launch new products and adjust offerings based on insights from performance analytics.
• Shopify Platform Enhancement: Implement customizations to the Shopify... platform, including theme modifications and app integrations to support product bundling and feature enhancements.
• Marketing Collaboration: Offer support to marketing campaigns to increase product visibility and drive sales.
• Shopify Catalogue Management: Develop Shopify listings, craft SEO-friendly product descriptions, and optimize for keywords.
• Inventory Oversight: Manage inventory levels, create product bundles, and employ ERP systems for comprehensive sales management.
• Promotional Support: Contribute to marketing efforts to enhance visibility and stimulate sales.
• Analytical Insights: Employ data analysis tools and techniques, like spreadsheets and PowerBI, for in-depth merchandising insights and forecasting.
• System Coordination: Maintain seamless integration and functionality between Shopify and ERP systems, resolving any technical issues swiftly.
• Omnichannel Sales Strategy: Oversee sales strategies across direct-to-consumer, marketplace, and wholesale channels using tools such as Sellware.

What Success Looks Like:
• Enhanced Product Visibility: Elevate product appeal through SEO-enhanced descriptions, leading to better search rankings and increased sales.
• Streamlined Inventory Control: Maintain optimal inventory levels and manage product bundles efficiently, guaranteeing both availability and diversity.
• Integrated Operational Efficiency: Ensure flawless operation and integration between Shopify and ERP systems, swiftly resolving any technical challenges.
• Adaptive Product Innovation: Launch and revise products based on in-depth market analysis and evolving consumer needs, showcasing successful product strategy execution.

• Extensive B2C experience, particularly in an online retail environment.
• Proficiency in Shopify platform management, keyword optimization, and customization.
• Experience with ERP, Middleware software, and Inventory Management Systems for multi-channel sales management.
• Skilled in using spreadsheets (Excel/Google Sheets) and creating pivot tables.
• Familiarity with project management tools (Notion, ClickUp, Asana) or similar applications.
• Experience in analyzing merchandising data and generating reports with tools like PowerBI for sales planning and inventory forecasting.
• Knowledge of product pricing and discounting strategies.
• Excellent communication skills and proficiency in English.
• Must be able to work in the Eastern Standard Time (EST) zone.

This is an exciting opportunity for an E-Commerce Manager to contribute to the growth of a unique online retail brand. If you're passionate about e-commerce and have the skills to enhance our client's online presence, we encourage you to apply


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