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The Animator supports animation production by developing animation. He/She will deliver animation assets for production, while developing skills to deliver complex animation sequences.

He/She must be able to work independently to deliver creative outcomes as part of a team in a project environment. He/She must also perform research and regularly attend team meetings to align expectations with the team.

He/She should understand and have a keen sense of performance theatrics, emotion and timing. He/She should also be able to plan and communicate effectively with team members and other stakeholders.

• Analyse the physical motion of living and inanimate objects of various shapes and sizes to communicate to the team.
• Build own portfolio with animation created from research as well as work done on previous projects.
• Conduct research on motion for characters, objects and other elements of each frame that need to be animated.
• Contribute creative ideas to the animation briefing... discussions.
• Create blocking animation to determine motion sequence for each shot in the scene.
• Create key frames for animated sequences depicting motion using various animation techniques.
• Explore different artistic themes and visual styles to enhance own portfolio.
• Explore various available animation techniques to broaden skillsets and be able to deliver on projects with different requirements.
• Interpret script to understand requirements for animation assets.
• Present created animation sequences to the team for review.
• Provide inputs for determining various kinds of simulated motion required in the animated scenes.
• Refine animation sequences based on creative inputs from the team.
• Utilise animation tools to develop animated sequences from created key frames.

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: $2,200.00 - $2,800.00 per month

• Monday to Friday

Work Location: In person


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