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Job Title: Academic Counselor/Mentor (Part-Time)

Location: Candidate must be in the following Country/State...

USA (Illinois, Iowa, California, Virginia, Florida, Boston, Texas)

Australia (Perth, Sydney, Queensland, Brisbane, Melbourne)


New Zealand

Job description

We are seeking an experienced academic counselor/mentor/coach to provide one-to-one support to students participating in the coaching/counseling program. The academic counselor will be responsible for helping these students develop their academic abilities, improve their English language skills, and successfully enroll and graduate from universities.

• Establishing rapport, mentoring, and motivating students throughout their time studying in the US ,Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
• Developing and facilitating individual and group academic and career advising sessions.
• Conducting one-to-one student coaching sessions assessing and addressing social, psychological, and physical well-being.
• Establishing and/or maintaining relationships with key student services offices at their community college: international student services, academic advising, career planning, health and mental health services, etc.
• Implementing academic and social counseling programs' policies, guidelines, standards, and regulations.
• Guiding students as they prepare for, apply/transfer to, and enroll in 4-year universities.
• Maintaining students’ digital portfolios and tracking progress toward goals, attendance, engagement, behavior, and well-being.
• Taking detailed notes in digital system of the progress of each student advisor/coach’s cohort; reporting and logging any instances of misconduct or contract breach.
• Coordinating clear plans for struggling students to bring them back on track.
• Supporting the review and evaluation of the effectiveness of counseling/coaching programs’ performance.
• Maintaining a repository of learning resources for all the other students.
• Identifying extra-curricular activities to enhance students' academic experience.
• Helping students with language and cultural adaptation.
• Serving as the primary point of contact for students in an emergency

In addition to these responsibilities, you will also manage certain aspects of the homestay program for international students. This will include conducting orientations, monitoring student well-being and satisfaction, addressing concerns or conflicts between students and host families, and collaborating with the homestay program coordinator

• Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in counseling, education, or any related field
• Experience in academic counseling, college counseling, and guiding students through the college application process
• Experience in providing student counseling services to support the academic, social, and emotional development of students.
• Ability to build rapport and trusting relationships with high students and other stakeholders.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Experience working with diverse student populations is a plus
United States


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