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Job Purpose
• To oversee consumer support functions and ensure that all activities are timely executed and any approvals required are granted within timelines. For customer and any other HO requests, ensure that feedback is provided thereby creating efficiency in service delivery, while minimizing losses to the Bank.
• To lead a team that supports development and promotes innovations and process re-engineering under operations by employing effective and predictive end to end banking processes in support of the Bank’s strategy.
• To drive a team into supporting the Branches through well-defined Procedures, Policies, Work instructions and Systems, and make sure that controls are adequate and effective.
• To develop enhanced controls, internal procedure manuals for the unit and branches and further ensure compliance with established standards and regulations.
• To support modern applications that will lead to improved cost to Income ratios but at the same time... meeting the banks expectations
• To provide high-level service and support pan bank
• To ensure that Suspense Accounts, Cash Management, Internal Controls and SLAs are being observed in the Branches
• To support the central monitoring Team and ensure engagements with branches on KYC follow ups and any other assignments are timely completed
• Support branches by providing guidance on operational issues that branches may want to consult on
• Manage relationships with regulators such as Bank of Zambia, Zambia Revenue Authority and Bankers Association of Zambia

Job Responsibilities
• Responsible for day-to-day management of unit activities by interactions, documentation, communication and control processes related to Consumer Operations
• Provide direction to the team and branches at large on any challenges or process or where clarity is sought
• Identify key process improvement areas that may expand customer experience, cut costs thereby creating efficiency and improved turnaround time and customer experience
• Ensure to support continuous improvement on processes that would enhance efficiency in the Branches
• Collaborate with other stake holders such as IT, MIS, Legal, Branches to continue refining processes, testing and deployments
• Ensure to support Bank controls by raising risk incidences for any gaps identified, reporting suspicious transactions,
• Ensure that Cost Income Ratio is reduced and align with the Bank’s strategy
• Ensure timely execution of branch user management requests that have been logged in Sysaid
• Ensure that all requests in Sysaid are closed within SLA and for pending items, stakeholders are engaged
• Ensure timely escalations for items that require vendor support or senior management decisions
• Work with IT and MIS on any improvements that may require attention, priotise and implement urgent requests
• Ensure that adequate support is provided to bank growth by ensuring KYC compliance on new to bank (NTB) customers
• Proper planning and managing of consumer support functions, establishing priorities and developing goals and objectives in line with the bank’s strategy.
• Maintain current knowledge and compliance of all laws and regulations, along with the Bank’s Policies and procedures within the team.
• Monitor staff, leave management and ensure that employees follow the laid down procedures of the Bank
• Produce and provide management reports for board reports and any other senior management meetings
• Ensure to Provide input to bank strategic initiatives
• Work with stake holders on automation and digitalizing of branch processes
• Develop strategies that utilises self-service banking technology/products/services to expand the Bank’s customer base
• Prioritizes work and ensure team availability to assist Branches and any other stake holder
• Provides input into product development and information gathered from customer engagements
• Analyze cash activities in branches and ascertain Vault holding limits
• Review vendor performance on Cash in branches by holding monthly meetings and quarterly review of SLA
• Track and monitor daily cash workload to ensure operations expectations are met.
• Ensuring that all the BOZ sub chests managed by the Bank are operating effectively and efficiently
• Ensure that penalties on failed service delivery by vendor are collected within timelines
• To ensure that monitoring tools are in place on dormant accounts reports and all nil accounts are closed
• Develop and maintain professional relationships with internal and external resources
• Collaborate with Retail team and Cluster Managers on all operation issues, track progress and ensure resolution of all issues that may affect branch operations
• Provide first line support to branches and other stake holders on operations issues
• Ensure that control tastings are conducted for the unit for all schedules

User Management& Sysaid queries.
• Approve branch user management requests from Branches on the key g systems (Work Flow: create, disable, modify and close, Fcubs: create, disable, modify and close, Sybrin: create, disable, modify and close, Vnet : create branch and unlock , SMS Portal :create on user on SMS portal
• Work in collaboration with IT defining user Matrices for all systems being used by the branches
• Work with liaison with IT and Infosec to plan matrix requirements for new systems to be deployed in branches
• Actively identify and additions to the User Matrix
• Conduct periodic reviews of user matrices with IT for the Core banking Systems and any failures in matrices observed
• Ensure that the Consumer Team resolves all customer and any other queries raised by branches and other units on time
• Ensure timely resolution or escalation of unresolved queries, communicating promptly on progress, and handling all queries with a professional attitude.
• Ensure that solutions that require testing are done timely and feedback is communicate to stake holders
• Follow-ups on unclosed items are made until closed

• Ensure that provision of accurate management reporting on regulatory requirements
• Coordinate compilation, and validation of regulatory returns with the Team
• Ensure timely submission on BoZ dfs portal and check that reports are correct before submissions
• (Reports include daily cash reporting, weekly Forex reporting, monthly reporting Unpaid Cheques, Unpaid DDACC, ZMW local currency report, Access and Usage report)
• Ensure timely collection of data and response for BoZ and any regulator requests
• Coordinate team effort and make sure that the Management reports are correct and timely submitted
• Engage IT for any reports that might require automations and review
• Coordinate weekly report submissions on suspense accounts to various platforms that might require
• Recommend for which users to access on SAP BI and DFS

Compliance and Controls
• Enforce SLA compliance on part of Branches regarding Suspense GLs in branches
• Collaborate team efforts in the daily monitoring branch suspense accounts
• Follow up with stake holders on pending items especially those that are beyond SLA and any issues that will require resolution
• Ensure that branches attain 100% KYC compliance on NTB by way of coordinating monitoring and follow ups by the Support Team with Branches in breach or with missing KYC information
• Ensure that all remediations on identified missing KYC is executed
• Coordinate KYC remediation vis eDMs on legacy items by Team
• Comprehensive understanding of RSCA for Consumer Support, identify risks and mitigations to all types of risks identified, and coordinate with staff to provide support to stakeholders daily.
• Collaborate with stake holders for all mitigations raised on the System and ensure timely closure
• Cooperate with Team on timely action and closure of incidences and mitigations raised
• Develop appropriate and effective controls for identified risks
• Ensure accurate and complete reporting of risk incidences within the stipulated time line (i.e. 7 calendar days)
• Ensure all emerging risks are reported and mitigating factors put in place
• Identifying, monitoring and reporting Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) in the department
• To ensure that the department is operating within the given risk appetites and report any breaches promptly.
• Participate in the annual review of All unit procedure manuals
• Ensure adherence to the Zanaco Enterprise risk management framework and participate in risk management trainings organized
• Constant review of Risk Control Self-Assessment (RCSA) and Key Risk Indicators (KRI) to ensure proactive mitigation of all perceived risk
• Report all process failures to Risk
• Manage and coordinate all external audit items relating to the Branch and Consumer support and ensure timely closure of issues raised
• Coordinate all Internal audit items and ensure timely closure of issues raised, and where escalation is needed, the same is done on time
• Make sure that All compliance issues are addressed and enforced in branches

Process Improvements
• Identify key initiatives on current process that might require reengineering
• Promote innovations under process improvements initiatives
• Engage IT or any identified stake holder in Process requirement collections
• Provide a resource staff to any bank initiative or project
• Provide Business requirements to any branch process at project ignition stage
• Collaborate with IT for any Changes that might require Change requests procedure
• Coordinate resources to conduct User acceptance tests
• Be part of sign off for any test script sign offs by way of validating tests
• Collaborate with Project office for items in deployment at implementation stage

Performance and Quality
• Cascade in teams Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and make sure that they are adhered to
• Make recommendations for process improvement plans and ensure actions are followed through to completion timely
• Document all process in a way that is understood and clear to end users in approved the Process flows
• Documented standard manuals, guidelines and work instructions are in place
• Coordinate communication (approved circulars and memos) with Branch Network
• Ensure that all communications by stake holders, manuals and Process flows coming through support are dully approved or signed off before cascading to end users

Garnishee Process
• Collaborate with Stake holders and ensure that Court orders and ZRA garnishees are executed timely
• Corroborate findings on Garnishees and court orders and ensure that submissions are within timelines
• Review changes and administer garnishee process adherence
• Ensure that ZRA directives are executed timely
• Collaborate with Legal servicing court process actions are made on time by branches

Cash Management
• Oversee Branch Vault limit compliance and CPCs and ensure adherence
• Work together with third parties to address single vault challenges (both failures & achievements) with Vendor
• Penalize vendor for failed orders and repatriations in branches with the CPCs
• Coordinate with Finance to penalize vendor or any shortages and on delayed execution of the SLA
• Provide input into the Vendor SLA and any addendum
• Work with Supply chain to document and review the outsourced SLAs
• Work together with all internal stake holders and vendor by ensuring that monthly Service reviews are conducted
• Manage a heightened Centralized daily monitoring
• Manage and close all gaps raised on cash management by branches
• Ensuring that all the BOZ subchests managed by the Bank are operating effectively and efficiently

Account Opening searches
• Collaborate PACRA, Registrar of Societies, Clubs and Cooperatives and Ministry of Lands account searches and searches on Community bodies such as churches
• Ensure that correct documentation on customer requests are submitted
• Supervise account opening requirements, update account opening forms for all segments
• Approve account opening requests under Registrar of Societies, Clubs and Cooperatives and Ministry of Lands account searches
• Ensure that timely response is provided to branches and allow for accounts to be opened
• To execute any other responsibilities as maybe assigned by senior management

• Education: Relevant Degree
• Diploma Business Administration
• BA Degree
• MSc Management Strategy
• Professional: As required by Function
• Minimum Experience:
• Certifications: Discipline certifications

• Attention to detail
• Analytical skills
• Teamwork
• Respect and professionalism
• Critical thinking
• Verbal and written skills
• Good Engagement skills

Education Requirement: No Requirements

Job Experience: No Requirements

Work Hours: 8

Experience in Months:

Level of Education
Lusaka Zambia


Apply - Consumer Support Senior Specialist Lusaka