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Job Description

Budgets & Plans:
• Prepare the annual budget for the administration in accordance with the hospital’s policies and procedures and submit it to the head of the medical sector on the specified date.

Administrative Responsibilities:
• Responsible for scheduling the slots for the consultants to have all specialties daily.
• Provide safe, fast, and efficient service to patients.
• Develop plans for the needs team in the outpatient clinics to ensure the ease of providing the service.
• Responsible for setting, developing, evaluating and following-up the policies and procedures of the outpatient clinics, provided that the clinical guideline for the procedures carried out in the clinics is part of those policies to ensure the provision of interconnected services to the patient.
• Prepare and submit performance indicators reports on the outpatient clinics to the medical director to contribute to the development of strategic planning for service provision.
• Monthly follow-up... of unit costs and reporting to the head of the medical director with proposals to improve costs.
• Follow-up on the performance indicators of the outpatient clinic coordinators’ work team to develop the required development plans.
• Responsible for preparing and updating the Departmental Manual in cooperation with the Quality Department
• Responsible for following up the Claim Cycle in line with the guidelines of the Medical Review Department.
• Communicate with the Medical Approvals Department to follow up on the approval of the referred cases.
• Ensure that medical claims papers are delivered to the financial department on the specified dates while ensuring that the files are completed in accordance with the standards set by the hospital management.

Functional Responsibilities:
• Follow up the attendance of consultants in clinics and ensure that alternatives to vacations and apologies are identified to ensure the continuity of service provision.
• Monitor the performance indicators of the monthly evaluation of the consultants, developing plans to improve performance, and meeting with the consultants to discuss those plans
• Follow-up on all activities and procedures for providing service to patients and ensuring their consistency with the policies and rules of quality management and the medical laws and rules in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
• Responsible for ensuring continuous and effective communication with patients, their families or those caring for them to ensure the correct delivery of medical information and to resolve problems before they occur.
• Responsible for following up the completion of patients' medical files.
• Responsible for implementing quality and infection control policies for the emergency unit
• Cooperate with the Quality Department and the Infection Control Department in the periodic review passage
• Prepare and submit Clinical Violations Reports (OVR) to the Chief Medical Officer daily.
• Follow-up the rates of referral of patients for operations, radiology, laboratory, and physiotherapy to review the medical reasons for referral and ensure consistency with the instructions of the hospital medical board and the group.
• Investigate complaints and violations and recommend appropriate disciplinary measures or penalties and submit reports of violations and recommendations to the head of the medical sector and quality management with cooperation in implementing reform plans and accepting responsibility for that.

Job Requirements

• Bachelor’s degree in medicine.
• MBA or postgraduate degree is preferred

Experience and Skills:
• 10 years of experience in which 3-years at the same position.
• Fluent in both Arabic and English.
• Customer focused, with strong emphasis on quality
• Strong Communication & Conflict Management Skills.
• Strong Leadership Skills.
• High sense of compliance, task ownership ability.
• High sense of business reasoning
Cairo Egypt


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