Top 7 Beautiful Beaches To Visit In Philippines On Your Vacation

Top 7 Beautiful Beaches To Visit In Philippines On Your Vacation

Swathi Swathi

10 months ago

Hundreds of islands are in the Philippines! Such beaches are as spectacular as the popular beach with white sand and offer a plethora of sea and country activities. Soak up the beauty of the monolithic scenery of the blue and green ocean, stroll along the narrow paths of mangrove trees to the secret coves. See the sunset transform Buena Suerte Beach sands into a soft, peach-like colour or wonder at the surfers from around the world who are enjoying the Siargao Beach Cloud Nine waves. But with over 7000 islands, it's tough to decide where to put your towel best. Below are a number of places to discover your own paradise. Check out some of the top beautiful beaches to visit in the Philippines on your vacation with your loved ones!

Jomalig Island

This island is just deficient because it is very challenging to get there. There isn't just one visitor from what we have gathered who wasn't in awe of the majestic beauty of this island. When you are searching for a quiet way to unwind, the long path might be an asset. Watch the ferries depart from the Real Port to Jomalig Island and wait until the next boat leaves, which costs 300 to 500 INR. Depending on the water conditions, this boat ride requires therefore 5-6 hours to ensure the precautions are adhered to before the voyage.

Honda Bay

Honda bay is a famous snorkelling, surfing and soothing beach on Palawan Island in Puerto Princesa. Hopping tours on the island are popular outside Honda Bay and are a great way to experience various beaches. The resort is popular in water activities, such as jet skiing and wakeboarding. You should imagine along the coast or visit the coral reefs-however the mood suits. Discover the new fish of one of the famous salespeople on the beachside. A day's boat ride to Honda Bay would be better spent in a resort-like Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort in Puerto Princesa or the Hotel Canvas Boutique.

Siargao Island

The Philippines' well-known place to surf is the whole day around Siargao Island. But the beaches of the South Pacific are personal. Cloud Nine is the ground-zero for surfers, but the crowds go offshore in many uninhabited islets to escape. Or drive to Burgos at the northeastern tip of Siargao, where the coconut palms have a three-kilometre crescent of sweet sugarcane and the perfect waves in the bay peel off.


Bohol is still extremely primitive and not overpowered by tourists, so Alona Beach is so delightful. This is a popular place to swim, snorkel and plunge along the reef in a southwestern part of the Island. Alona Beach is the best spot for dolphins and whales to look out for, so you'd be wise to wear water shoes because corals and sea urchins live in the parts below. Guests will live in spacious villas a quick walk from the beach. While on the island, take several hours to see the extinct tarsier monkey in the sanctuary that raises them and the natural wonders of the Chocolate Hills.


This banana-shaped island can be reached from international flies to the largest city in Visayas, Cebu City, via Asian hubs such as Hong Kong and Singapore. There is a range of high-end, family-oriented resorts near the airport on Mactan Island. Nothing special about Mactan beaches, so hire a boat to take you to the islands in Bohol Strait, where a lot of white sand can be found on the many beaches.

Saud Beach
The beaches of Pagudpud are situated at the northernmost point of Luzon Island. Saud Beach is perhaps the most stunning of those on the coasts. Well preserved and least established, Saud has its natural characteristics untouched. The sand is stunning, the beach is wide and the water is a pure blue hue. From afar you can see the famed windmills in the province of Bangui, a rare beauty that enriches the already breathtaking scenes.

El Nido

Postcard sellers hold the spectacular calcareous communities of the Bacuit Archipelago offshore, but the beaches of this laid-back northern region of Palawan are comparable to this. Yeah, there really are places that have all that luck. Nacpan Beach is a beautiful three-kilometre sandy cove, so it's a great place to swim, 45 minutes to the north of the city of El Nido. This place stays deeply laid back – consider rustic beach shacks selling tasty seafood and shakes. Luscious Duli Play provides a less competitive option and superb surfing from December until March, a few clicks north of Nacpan.

I'm sure after all that travelling and shopping, you'll definitely want to visit the top beaches of the Philippines and spend some ‘you’ time. So head down to any of these beaches and relax on the shore. Oh now that you might be interested to plan a vacation, head on to Pickyourtrail and book your Philippines vacation right away.


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