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Lessons People Learn Too Late in Life

Lessons People Learn Too Late in Life

Bless Bless

1 year ago


There is no argument that education is a good thing but the lessons thought by life are quite different from the lessons thought in schools. Life is a great teacher but does not teach in the way you want to be taught. The lessons thought by life seem as if they are going to destroy you but they are only meant to make you stronger for the future. Life is very simple but some people make theirs to be complicated by refusing to learn from the important life lessons. The funniest thing with the lessons learned in life is that it teaches people every day and there is need for constant learning in order not to make mistakes that others have made. Regret is part of everyone’s life at some point in time. There are points in time when you will realize that there are things that if you had known earlier, your life would have been different from the way it is right now. It is rather sad that most often you come to the point of realization after learning the hard way. You learn every day from the experiences of people and some of the stories with moral lessons. You also learn from the people that come your way. The people that you meet in life affect you either positively or negatively. However, the success and downfalls you experience help to create who you become in the future. Your bad experiences also serves as an eye opener and helps you to learn about trust and the importance of being cautious in life. Certainly, you are going to meet unavoidable roadblocks as you move through the journey of life. So, today you have the opportunity to find out why it is essential to consider stories with moral lessons and how you can learn from the very important life lessons before it is too late.

Why must you Consider Stories with Moral Lessons?

A story is a series of happenings on a particular subject matter related by a person to listener(s). As humans, stories make up such a huge part of our lives. You can be connected to humanity through stories. That is, with stories, you connect to your past and you can get a hint of your future. People tell stories as a means to shape their existence. Stories with moral lessons help you process, remember information and builds on creativity. When you come across stories with moral lessons, you get to feel the natural empathy toward the characters in the stories and you understand the lessons the characters learn. The main aim of stories with moral lessons is to teach. Stories are a great means by which you can communicate with other people. Research reveals that with stories you can preserve your history and culture and quickly pass it along in a way that is easy to remember to generations. It is very simple to use stories to explore other possibilities about life. That is, with stories you can figure out the negative or positive aspect of something even without trying it.

Lessons Learned in Life Too Late

Below are some of those life lessons that most people learn too late.

You make your own destiny

You find many people around the world complaining of not having the life that they wanted. The main reason as to why people fail in their own expectations is due to poor planning and execution of their project. It is very easy for you to complain and blame somebody about your failures in life than to take time to work to ensure that you succeed. The fact is that you would not want to get to your die bed with the regret of not accomplishing your purpose on planet earth. You have to learn to make your own destiny by planning a future that you prefer for yourself. When planning this future, you have to be specific in what you want and learn to put in place measures that you are going to use to determine your success rate. One of the life lessons that you must learn is to be able to harness your creativity in order to design ambitious futures that exploit your every opportunity and asset. Learn not to waste your time on things that are irrelevant or on things that you know you can never achieve. Identify people who can add something to the future you want to build, mark them and keep them very close to you. If you must succeed in making your own destiny, then you must avoid settling for the easier things and go for things that will increase your creativity and take your career to another level.

Life is full of so many choices

If only you could stay back for a day and think of the number of choices that you make, then you will be highly surprised at them. The truth is, it is all these choices that make who you are in life. Most people that end up regretting at their old age have something in mind that they wish they had done. There are many stories with moral lessons that you find the author teaching on the importance of choice. The choices that you make when you are young affect you either negatively or positively when you are old. Life is very short and you have just a limited time to be a youth. Now is the time for you to make the best out of your life before it will be too late. The choice that you make today as a youth determines the number of regrets in the nearest future. Regret is a very bad, you change your way of doing things and make a better choice.

Contentment does not come easy

Life has proven that people who live happily are people who work hard. For you to be happy you need a lot of effort. If you have chosen to be happy that means you have also decided to take control of your life and not to let anything in life weigh you down. There will be times in life when you will be sad but you do not have to stay sad but what you need to do is to keep going. You must know that as time passes so you develop and must seek to grow. In order to grow and develop yourself you must stop comparing yourself with other people and you have to know that you are unique. When you compare with others, you cannot appreciate what you have and so you cannot be happy. You should be more concerned with what you are doing about your life. You train yourself in order to be happy, whether you choose to let go those habits that are not good and take up the good ones. We all have one life to live, work hard to make yours what you want it to look like.

Life is a learning process

Lack of knowledge about a particular aspect should not disturb you from attaining your dreams in life. Always learn to ask questions should in case you find yourself wanting about a particular aspect that will help you. Learn to use the internet for your advantage by googling on things that you cannot understand. When you limit yourself to only what you know or have learned then you are also limiting your creativity and imagination. Build a learning attitude where you spend time reading books because one of the ways in which you can introduce your mind to new ideas is by reading. You can only expand your awareness and see from a different perspective only when you spend time reading.

Forgive but do not trust again

Every bad thing or experience that you can ever have can be traced to a person. There are people that you had some contact or relationship that you were not supposed to. One thing that life teaches is that there are some associations that you have to let go in order to progress in life. You will notice that any pain you might have experience in the past was caused by somebody. If you were ever misled before is because you decided to listen to someone that you were not supposed to listen to. You will realize that there are some people that when you talk to them you end up being discouraged, lost your motivation and much energy. Such persons make you feel like you are good for nothing and you have nothing to offer. These people can be your friends, relatives, classmates, colleagues or neighbors. One good lesson that you can learn from the numerous life lessons is that every pain or disease can be traced. When you listen to the stories of successful people, you will realize that all of them had to identify things in their life that is caused them great pain. Therefore, if you must live happily, then there are some people that you have to identify and let go of them. Lessons learned in life helps us to identify people who caused us pains, forgive them and avoid them. Forgive the people who have done you wrong but do not trust them again. You should learn to drive out the people who cause you pain before you can succeed. One mistake that people make often is to forgive and trust again. Avoid falling in this trap.
Be thankful for your alone moment

Everybody seems to be in a rush, people always find it difficult to be alone. You might be facing that same problem. There are times when you are left alone but you try as much as possible to meet friends or chat with them on social media. I consider being alone as one of the most important lessons learned in life. When you learn to be thankful of your alone moment, that is when you start feeling better about yourself. Your alone moments boost your creativity and make you to be very focus in what you do. It is only in your alone moment that you begin to appreciate your time on earth and you start seeing your purpose in another way. Most people who ever created something special in this life will tell you that they got the idea while they were in their alone moment. You can only learn how to do things your own way when you are left alone. You get to know yourself better.

Learn to do what you love

This is one of the lessons thought by life that seems to be very simple but most people find difficulties in practicing it. You will find people who go to work every day but their focus is on the paycheck instead of loving and gaining the internal satisfaction of what they do. When you keep doing what you do not love you become good at it but you will never find the satisfaction that you want in life. One of the important life lessons learned from most successful people in life is that they did what they love. You must love your career and what you do in life in order to be highly successful, and to get the satisfaction that you want. When you are not happy with what you do, the unhappiness will affect other aspects of your life. You must learn to do what you love because your job will take more than 70 percent of your time and you will not spend much time and end up regretting. Lessons thought by life shows that it would be very difficult to give the extra time and energy needed to upgrade your skills when you do not actually love what you do. One thing you should note is that it is the skill sets that you build over time, which takes your career into success and makes you better in life. The inner contentment that you are looking for can only be gotten when you engage in the things that you love doing. Therefore, now is the time for you to take an honest look at the things you like and what you do not like and really begin to do the things you like shamelessly.

Time is nobody’s friend

One of the most important lessons thought by life is that time is a friend to nobody but it is a very valuable commodity. Almost every day we find people complaining about not having enough time to complete a task or to reach their objective for the day. Since time is not a friend to anyone that is the more reason you have to learn how to manage your time. No matter what you do you have to always remember that everybody has 24 hours in a day. Therefore, it is important to look for ways that you can manage the little time that you have. Some of the important life lessons gotten is that when you learn to manage your time well, your ability to focus increases, you improve on the ways in which you make decisions and you become more successful in what you do.

You must take risk

One might be scared of the unknown. You find yourself avoiding anything that will take you away from your comfort zone but one thing you might forget is that life is full of risks. One of the important lessons thought by life is that if you feel like you do not have the satisfaction that you want from your job or life, then you level of risk taking is low. You were created to take risk because on the other side of risk lies the joy and the happiness that you desire. When you take risk, you get out of your comfort zone; this helps you to grow. You can only learn more and improve on yourself when you learn to take risk. Most at times you find yourself being afraid to fail so you refuse to take risk but it does not have to be so. When you are afraid to fail then you will never reach your full potentials in life. Say to yourself, even if I fail, at least I will learn something.

Failure is important

In as much as failure hurts, it is an important part of daily life. Important life lessons learned from failure is that it helps you to be a better person. One of the greatest life lessons is learned from failure because it helps in stripping down egos as it molds and shapes you through divine intentions of making you better. In order for you to have true success, you must first start by testing failure. Failure really hurts but it is necessary. Some of the most successful people that you might be celebrating today are people who have failed countless times but they did not give up in their endeavors. The people that you tend to celebrate their successes went through trials, upsets, setbacks and failures towards their journey to success. Failure acts as a stepping stone and helps you to develop a deeper understanding about your life. In as much as failure can completely alter your frame-of-mind through the induction of pain that it comes with, it also makes you to reflect on the real nature of things and their importance in your lives.

Your passion drive you

No matter what you are doing in life let your passion be your drive. Too often when you ask people to list some of the things that they think can lead to success, you find them listing things like talent, value, intellect, discipline and persistence. One important thing that is lacking here is passion. Achieving something that you desire is one of the lessons thought by life and that is what is regarded as true success. One of the many important life lessons is that the more enthusiasm you have, the more motivated you are to work harder and to improve yourself. Only passion can make you to continuously get better at what you do.

Hard work pays

Some people spend their time complaining of things that do not make sense instead of focusing on their goals in life. If you conduct a small research on the key to success, then you will find out that most of the successful people in life are those who worked hard. There are many stories with moral lessons shared by successful people that teach us about the importance of working hard and not compromise. If you must succeed in any area of your life then you must learn to work hard while you still have the time and energy to do so. You must be focused and stay consistence in what you do before you can succeed. Life teaches that you must stay away from distraction and be patient in everything you do. Success does not just happen overnight or by chance. Stories with moral lessons show that to succeed you must work hard on the right track. One thing to note is that if success was something that is free, then everybody would have it but it is meant for those who work hard.

Fear is one big lie

Fear is one feeling that is found in every human. One of the important life lessons is for you to learn to confront your fears. Your fears are just a reflection of what you are thinking in your mind. One thing that fear does is that it lies to you and make you believe that it is the truth. When you realize that fear actually lies, then the only thing is to confront your fears on a daily basis. Facing your fears head on gives you a wonderful feeling that you can never imagine. It makes you see life in a different perspective and brings you face to face with the reality of life.

There is a saying that nobody is perfect but all we do is to work towards perfection. That is to say it is impossible to have a life without regret but all what we are struggling to do is to reduce the number of regrets. To be able to live a life with less regrets at the end, then you have to focus on the lessons that life has to teach and avoid making errors that others have done. Please share this article with your love ones so that you can help them also to learn some of these life lessons while they still have the time.


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