Why are business analytics courses in India gradually gaining popularity
1 year ago

Business analytics is a discipline concerned with making sense of vast amounts of business data and putting the same to good use. Data, in adequate quantities and competent hands, can lead to next-to-accurate predictions. And business analysts are concerned with utilizing those predictions by infusing them with management insights. Therefore, a business analyst must be a manager with adequate skills in data analytics. And possess significant experience working with teams that are made up of employees with a wide diversity of backgrounds. 

In India, industry and commerce are thriving due to a stupendous phase of growth and stability. New ventures are emerging all across the map, all the time. And all of them seek the blessings of data. Therefore, business analytics courses in India are gradually becoming extremely popular among students and experienced managers alike. And skill development opportunities are also available in an abundance! Therefore, may it be a smooth initiation or a mid-career switch, with business analytics, things are highly unlikely to go sideways! 

Who can be a business analyst?

A student vying for tenure in business analytics must be an adept manager, with years of experience on the front. The responsibilities that are bestowed upon a business analyst, can often determine the very survival of an entire venture. Therefore, they must understand the importance of their role. And possess the skills that are needed to handle crucial responsibilities! Employers understand the importance of efficacy and tried and tested skills. Therefore, are extremely reluctant to hire freshmen or budding analysts for a business analyst role! 

What does the industry expect from a business analyst?


Data adeptness 

The amount of data a business analyst handles is gargantuan! And usually belongs to a wide diversity of genres. Herefore, a business analyst must be adequately adept with the accumulation, formatting, and analysis of data from a wide diversity of genres. And the volumes we are discussing are impossible to handle by human effort alone. Therefore, they must also possess adequate coding skills and proficiency in development. So that they can develop train and deploy analysis tools at will. 


A leader is born from the most devoted followers. And after they become leaders, they are expected to spot and nurture the next followers. So that they can one day take up the mantle of leadership and guide an entire team in absence of a leader. Not allowing the leadership of a team to be compromised. In addition to that, a leader must be familiar with the stress on the front. And possess the ability to help their teammates to remain productive! Therefore, must be comfortable working with people from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds! 

Communication skills 

A business analyst gets in touch with peers and teammates through data. And can figure out the unique ordeal they are dealing with. But if the same is not communicated properly the issues can remain unaddressed. In addition to that, an employee must understand the bigger picture. And the importance of their roles in the same. And a business analyst is responsible for making that picture clearer in the minds of the people involved. So that everyone can play their roles with utmost clarity. And make fruitful efforts to meet the employer's expectations. 

Opportunities for business analysts in India 

Business analytics courses in India are increasingly being preferred due to the immense opportunities the discipline can grant a professional. 

In marketing, business analysts are tasked with pinpointing the most relevant customers and figuring out an effective paradigm for enriching them. All kinds of data from a plethora of domains are thus used to identify the people who require a product and are seen to purchase related products as well. And after these customers are identified, a business analyst targets them with automated engagement tools. Abd the same are often developed in-house! 

In product, a business analyst gets in touch with the customer base through data. And they can figure out the specific demands and expectations of the customers. So that the necessary changes can be made and the product relevance can be preserved! They also analyze internal data of resources to plan an upgradation or novel development program. 

In administration, business analysts are assets. Being adept managers, they can make data-driven decisions loaded with management insights. And chart a safer path through the most tumultuous times, toward a sustainable future. They analyze both internal and external data. And act like a hub of management insights. So that all the allied divisions can work in perfect coherence!