Everything You Need to Know About Domain Name
1 year ago

A domain name is one of the most vital factors for building a well-functional website. Most people only know that different websites have different names. They don’t know that website names are called domain names. Domain names are not only enabling people to have easy access to websites but also help business owners to build a strong online presence. 

Here are essential things about a domain that you should know.

Here are essential things about a domain that you should know. 

  • What is a domain name?
  • How do domain names work?
  • Domain names vary from web hosting and websites
  • Different types of domain names
  • Where to buy a domain

1. What is a domain name?

You may not be aware of it, but you are perhaps familiar with domain names. Are you surprised? Domain names are no other than the names of the websites available on the internet. It’s the URL that your browse on Google. For example, you are browsing the Algo Sea Biz website https://algoseabiz.com/, a trusted digital marketing agency in Bali. The link or URL contains the name algoseabiz.com. That’s exactly what a domain name is. The primary purpose of a domain name is to serve as the address of your website.


2. How does a domain name work?

To have a better understanding of how a domain name works, you should first learn about DNS (domain name system. 

How does it work?

It converts your domain name into an IP address character set, via a Domain Name System server.  So, when you type your domain name on Google, it will communicate with a name server to find the IP address that matches to that name.

Domain names are just like a list of contact on your phone. When you decide to call someone on phone, you don’t have to input the numbers anymore. You can just search by name. This can only work if you already have the contact number on your phone. The same system implies domain names. Domain names are associated with IP addresses. Instead of typing a complicated set of numbers (IP address on your browser), you can just type the domain name. For example, your business name is Bali Digital, and your website IP address is Will you give this super complicated set of numbers to your audience or customers in order to get into your website? There’s nothing wrong with it. But, it’s complicated. We can make it easier by buying a domain name “balidigital.com”. It is easier for people to remember your website and brand. 

3. Domain names vary from web hosting and websites

A domain name is not the same thing as web hosting or websites. They are three different things but closely related and when combined, they create a whole and well-functional site. A website is made up of different kinds of files such as HTML pages, images, texts, videos, website builder software, and many more. It will help you in establishing an online presence for you or your business or companies. While web hosting is like a digital storage (server) that provides a space to store all your data and files. Web hosting makes your site go live and accessible on the Internet. If the domain name is the address of your website, then web hosting is the house where your site lives. In order to create a website that really works and can be accessed on the internet, you need both a web host and a domain name


4. Different Types of Domain Names

Domain names come with distinctive types such as follow:

  • Top-Level Domains (TLDs)

TLDs are also called domain name extensions. The name comes right after your primary domain name. For example, “.com” in www.algoseabiz.com.

There are many domain name extensions available today, including:

  1. .net
  2. .blog
  3. .io and many more.
  • Country code top-level domains (ccTLD)

ccTLDs are used to specify geographic locations. Examples of ccTLD are 

  1. Chine - .cn
  2. Indonesia - .id
  3. Australia - .au
  4. United Kingdom - .uk
  5. Russia - .ru
  • Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD)

A gTLD functions as a category of the top-level domain within the DNS. Commonly used gLTDs may include:

  1. .com
  2. .edu
  3. .net
  4. .info
  5. .biz
  6. .gov


  • Second-Level Domain (SLD)

SLDs are unique identifiers for websites. They are part of the domain that comes before extensions. For example www.algoseabiz.com. In this case, algoseabiz is called an SLD.

  • Third-Level Domain

We have discussed the example “www.algoseabiz.com - algoseabiz is the SLD and .com is the TLD. 

So, where is the third-level domain?

www. Is its third-level domain.

  • Premium Domain

Premium domain is no other than the domain names that have been owned by other people. When you want to buy a specific domain name, but it has been taken by someone else. 

5. Where to buy a domain

When deciding to register a domain name for your website, you need to consider payment. Usually, you will be charged annually for the domain name. 

What will happen when your registration period expires?

When it occurs, you will be given an option whether to renew it or not. If you don’t renew, your domain name will be available for others to use. 

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