What are the clamp meters and its different types
1 year ago

We use a clamp meter when you need to measure in-line electrical -current. The device can measure the AC or DC flowing through a circuit without breaking/disrupting the circuit. 

A clamp meter will show the current readings by clamping the device's ports around the wire to gauge the current flowing through that wire. One of the best features of its design is that it can measure current to 100A and its path. A negative output will accompany the current reading if you've clamped the leads in the opposite direction. 

The accuracy of the clamp meter is entirely factual.

The Clamp-on method used -

Users practice the clamp-on method to calculate resistance without unfastening the ground system. It instantly and effortlessly connects to the ground and grounding connection resistances in its working. Measurements are captured by "clamping" the tester around the grounding electrode under test. 


Here is a list of types of clamp meters that we usually can work with:

  • The Current Transformer - Also known as the AC clamp meter, can estimate only alternating current.
  • The Hall Effect Clamp Meter - It measures both direct and alternating currents.
  • Flexible Clamp Meters - can measure the alternating current that uses a Rogowski coil for measuring.
  • DC clamp meter- that primarily is for measuring only direct current.

The key applications of a clamp meter are:

  • It can estimate high-level current that can go up to 100A. Due to device issues, other multimeter devices can't measure a current of more than 10A.
  • Troubleshoot circuits and complex circuit tests are all performed by a clamp meter. 
  • Resistance, capacitance, temperature, frequency, and other currents can be estimated by a clamp meter.

Fluke clamp meters are best when it comes to measuring current. Fluke provides easy-to-use instruments that provide reliable readings. These best features include soundless working, advanced performance, and grab-and-go tools. The instruments can fit perfectly in tight, compact spaces, getting readings from panels that are out of reach or getting around extra-large conductors.

Fluke Clamp meters are generously used in various industries as industrial - equipment, residential or commercial or industrial electrical systems, and commercial HVAC. 

Fluke Clamp Meters uses:

  • Servicing and repairing used systems when required.
  • Installation for troubleshooting installation problems, 
  • Conducting final circuit tests, 
  • Supervising trainee electricians are installing an electrical kit.
  • Maintenance for planned and preventative maintenance and system troubleshooting.

Below-mentioned are three types of Clamp Meters - 

  1. Current transformer clamp meters
  2. Hall Effect clamp meters
  3. Flexible clamp meters

So, you can buy a best clamp meter from Fluke from Omni Controls Inc., one of the best providers of testing instruments.

Final words

With the clamp meter's numerous uses, it is highly beneficial than other conventional multimeters. The device offers safety, convenience, easily maintainable features, and reasonable pricing. You can purchase a clamp meter for all basic electrical measurement needs.


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