Why opt for a product management certification in India
1 year ago

A product is a medium of interaction between a business and its customer. A business delivers value for the money they get through a product. And the more efficiently the value is delivered more relevant the product is expected to become. In addition to value and utility, products can often be appealing from an emotional standpoint. And in those cases, the product must deliver emotional satisfaction and value at the same time to remain relevant. And all of these aspects must be ensured by a product manager. The times we are experiencing are precarious and staying relevant requires attention to minute details and constant upgradations. Thus the role of specialized executive class managers is becoming more and more rewarding with time. 

In India, the markets are rich with diversity and innovation. And making a mark in this diverse market requires specific actions and in-depth knowledge of the same. A product manager concerned with all things related to inception, upgradation, and marketing of a product is a valuable asset in India. Thus, the opportunities are at an all-time high in the indigenous markets. An attractive proposition for enthusiasts and brilliant managers from all backgrounds! As a result, the popularity of product management certification in India is also heightening. 

This article will discuss the advantages of taking up studies in product management from India. And comment on the prospects after graduating with a specialized degree in product management. 

Why choose India?

India is among the largest growing economies. And the country is known for its abundance of diversity and human resources. Right now, the Indian markets are flooded with innovative products and services. And new ventures are emerging with incredible rapidity. In this very suitable environment, a product manager is naturally a valued asset for any employer in India. 

India is reasonable 

Education till a certain stage is free or heavily subsidized in India. The students are treated with love and respect all across the country. There is an abundance of advanced and intermediate fellowships. Even in the case of public transport students are often exempted from expenses. The living costs across the country are generally low and relocation is a hassle-free affair for most. 

Furthermore, the high demands and rewarding job opportunities are resulting in the emergence of more and more institutes. And in turn a competitive market. Thus the course fees for a product management certification in India are also competitive and reasonable. 

Industry aligned education 

A Product management certification in India is offered by a few selected institutes. As the amenities and guidance needed for transforming a manager into an executive class product professional are rare. And naturally, due to the high requirement for infrastructure and facilities, the institutes are nestled in or around major industrial population centers. This close vicinity of education with industry results in a mutually beneficial coexistence. The professional field in this case is used for training students as per the demands and the education sector takes pride in transforming them. 

Thus, a product manager graduating from India is expected to be armed with all the necessary skills that are relevant in the field. And the skills can be bolstered by years of diverse and at-work experience in India. 

Scopes of skill development

The emergence of new ventures in India is a routine phenomenon. And a product manager armed with all the necessary traits is valuable to every organization. A well-trained product manager can work at any stage of the marketing and productization process. Also, help in the inception of a product based on what a target market needs. Thus, it is extremely easy to find even mid-tenure internships in India. And due to the intricate relationship between the industry and education sectors, it is possible to acquire skills and study at the same time, rendering a tenure something more fulfilling. 

Experienced faculty members 

As discussed earlier only a few institutes in India can provide the necessary training needed for preparing a product manager. Thus these few institutes are expected to have faculty members who are leaders in the industry. These active and experienced teachers have years of experience in placing students and helping them acquire the skills necessary for surviving in contemporary industry. 

Furthermore, through these already well-placed students and personal needs, the teachers are usually well in touch with the industry. This results in a curriculum that involves the development of a skill set perfectly tuned with the demands in the industry. Thus making the venture in search of employment an easy affair. 

The Opportunities!

Education in product management in India is fueled by indigenous and international demands. Thus it is not extremely difficult to get employment if the tenure is taken seriously. The demands are high and thanks to constantly changing markets the same will remain high for a long time to come. Therefore taking up a product management certification in India can be a lucrative proposition!