How to Grow Long Hair
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1 year ago

Everyone lady to get her hair healthy, thick and long, especially because it is a very attractive physical feature. Even with such admiration for long hair, we are sometimes discouraged because we find it a big challenge getting our hair to grow as longer as we want. The truth is that we all have different kinds of hair which may react to different kinds of treatment. However, there are several things you can do if you are trying to grow out hair so that it gets longer and longer. It is said that healthy hair usually grows between 0.64-1.27 cm per month. This therefore means that knowing how to keep hair growing is knowing how to keep it healthy. So let’s give you the right information on how to grow long hair.

The water you wash your hair with must be lukewarm in order to prevent breakage

The water temperature you use always affects the length of our hair. The water should not be too hot or it will burn your scalp and even remove its moisture thereby causing it to start falling out. It should be lukewarm in order to get rid of dirts easily and to make sure that the hair remains healthy. When one’s hair is healthy, it grows out faster. Make sure that you use cold water to rinse the hair in order to close the hair follicles. This is how to grow long hair as it prevents hair loss.

Do not wash your hair too often

The frequency with which we wash our hair matters a lot. Washing the hair too often does more harm than good to the health of the hair. It can weigh it down with lots of products or cause it to become brittle. Washing your hair everyday can cause it to break and this will stop it from growing longer. Three times a week is preferable. When trying to grow out hair, avoid washing it too often.

Dry your hair gently

if you handle your hair roughly while its wet, it will definitely break. Be gentle with your hair. After washing it, lay it out gently for it to get dry. You can decide to pat it dry with a microfiber towel or you can let it air dry. The whole idea is not to dry it roughly in order to avoid breakage. Most people brush the hair while it is wet. This is not a good practice because when the hair is wet hair tends to stretch and break more easily than dry hair. It is very elastic and can likely break. Do not also blow your hair dry. This also cause damage to the hair which is not easy to repair.

Brush hair regularly

Make sure you brush your hair regularly. This allows blood flow to your scalp. This helps your hair to be healthier and stronger than before. Brushing also allows the natural oils in your hair to be distributed from the scalp to the tips of the hair. When brushing the hair, makes sure you do it gently to avoid it from breaking. After washing the hair, make sure you do not brush it. Make sure you comb your hair from the scalps using a boar brittle brush to distribute the natural oils from the scalp to all the strands. This allows it to stay moisturized and healthy. When the hair is healthy, it grows longer

Do not go to bed without brushing your hair. No matter how tired you are, you have to do it if you are trying to grow out hair. This is exactly how to grow long hair.

Stay away from heat styling tools

If you want to know how to keep hair growing, then do this: avoid using heat styling tools. Styling tools are not good when trying to grow long hair. The hair strengtheners and blow dryers cause enough damage to the hair. They can cause it to split and even break. It is usually advisable to apply a heat protection product before going ahead to use these heat styling tools. This helps to keep the moisture in tact while preventing breakage. These products can are many. They can be sprays, creams, serums, mousses and many others. The best thing is to allow your hair to dry naturally. This keeps the hair healthier and stronger.

Consider trimming the hair

You should get your hair trimmed every 11 weeks in order to avoid split hair. Doing this often can help accelerate hair growth. If you are searching for tips on how to keep hair growing, then you are reading the right article. All you need to do is to trim your hair to remove split ends. This does not mean that your hair will grow automatically. Growing your hair out and causing it to become longer is not done over night. That is why patience is required from you when trying to grow out hair. Trimming your hair keeps it healthy and gives it a nice look and a split end which breaks by itself can cause the hair to lose its length. It becomes short and shapeless. This means that it is preferable to cut off these split ends yourself. You can consider asking your hairdresser to trim your hair 0.32 cm from the ends. If you don’t want your hair to instead break, then it is good to trim it regularly. This prepares it for future growth. Do not just go ahead and trim your hair yourself just because it is a good thing to do. Meet your hairdresser and she will tell you how to go about it.

You don’t have to play with your hair

Do not stress your hair by twirling, pulling or combing all the time. When you do a hair style, stay with it for while so that your hair can rest. The more you play with it, the more it breaks or have split ends.

Massage your scalp

This is one of the tips on how to grow long hair. Massaging the scalp of the head stimulates blood flow and enhances hair growth. This should become a part of your daily routine. If the scalp receives enough blood flow, the hair becomes healthy and this helps in growing out hair. When trying to grow out hair, make sure you massage the scalp everyday.

Do not shampoo your hair all the time

When showering, avoid the habit of shampooing your hair especially when you are growing your hair out. Shampoo is good. Oh yes! It is used in washing away dirts and those product buildup. The reason why you do not have to use it too often is because it gets rid of the natural oils which keeps the strands healthy and soft. When this happens, it is difficult for the hair to grow longer and as we mentioned earlier, when the hair is healthy, it grows really fast. When your hair is long, make sure you avoid a lot of shampooing so that it grows longer.

Let your pillow be made of silk

You can keep your hair in tact and avoid breakage when you sleep on a silk pillow. This is because it is easier on the hair. This is a means of preventing breakage or tangles. Silk pillows do not cause friction and when there is friction, we wake up in the morning and find tangles on our hair. What we need to know on how to keep hair growing is that the less the breakage of hair, the longer your hair will be. When your hair is long, make sure you sleep on the right type of pillow so that it does not break. It is not very easy growing hair to become longer. So when it has reached a good length, there is much work to do to keep it in good shape.

Reduce stress by getting plenty of sleep

The speed of your hair growth can drop as a result of intense emotional or physical stress. In some cases, there can lead to hair loss or the hair can completely stop growing. But how does stress does this? When you are stressed up, the body uses up the available nutrients and energy in the body that are needed for hair growth. When you are stressed and talk a lot, the energy is used up and many other activities you do during this time. Stress also weakens the immune system and deprives the body from its ability of producing healthy skin, nails and hair. You therefore need to overcome stress or anxiety for the benefits of your overall health and not just your hair alone. If you are going through a lot of stress, try getting enough sleep and also doing some activities that can relieve you of your stress. No matter how busy we are, we should always make out time to have fun. This helps us get rid of stress.

Get enough sleep when working on growing your hair out. We discover so many changes on our bodies when we wake up from sleep. This is because it is while we sleep that our bodies actually spend enough time on growth and repairs. Go for eight hours of sleep of you want to keep your hair healthy. This is because the body will have time to focus on the health of the hair.

Do not wrap your hair in a massive towel

Using your bath towel to wrap all your hair isn’t a good practice. This causes so much breakage to the hair. If your hair is long, avoid wrapping it in massive towel.

Protect the hair from external damage

To keep the hair healthy, cover it up when you are walking under the sun or doing some other activities. Even while swimming in a chlorinated water or where there is air pollution, do not forget to cover your hair up. A scarf, a hat or a swim cap is very important when protecting your hair from external damages. When your hair is long, you have to focus more on protecting it from dangers than on how to keep hair growing. If you don’t do this, you might end up realizing that you lose more hair than it actually grows.

You should also cover your hair at night when going to sleep. This stops it from tangling or breaking. It is usually advisable to get the hair tied in a ponytail when going to bed but rather putting it in a loose plait so as to ensure that the hair is not only tangled but it becomes curly in the morning.

Do you love your hair? Then cut away from the habit of smoking or taking in alcohol

These habits are not only bad habits but they affect the general health of the body and greatly affects hair growth negatively. When you take in alcohol, it prevents the liver and colon from properly assimilating the nutrients you take into the body from the food you eat. When certain nutrients are limited in the body like proteins and vitamins, the hair becomes very weak and even dull. Smoking on the other hand slows blood flow to the scalp. This causes hair to become brittle. It may be surprising to know that when you smoke, the smoke from cigarettes can give your hair very unpleasant odor.

Treat your hair

Treating your hair from time to time is a sure way of ensuring growth in the length of your hair. When you apply the treatment directly to your hair, you are sure of getting results. Lets look at some home recipes you can prepare for your hair.

Avocado and honey

This can be used for all hair type. Remove the flesh from a ripe avocado and mix in a tablespoon of organic honey. Apply the mixture to your hair and let it sit for 30 minutes before rinsing it off with clean water.

Apple cider vinegar and lemon

This goes for oily hair. A ¼ cup of vinegar can do the job. Mix and allow it to sit on your hair for 20 minutes and then rinse later with fresh water

Virgin olive oil and eggs

This one is for dry hair. Get two eggs and mix with three tablespoons of virgin olive oil and apply the mixture to your hair and allow it there for 20 minutes before washing it away with fresh water. This does not only keep the hair healthy but gives it a beautiful look.

Lets look at some healthy hair diet you can follow

If you are looking for how to grow long hair, then you have to know that what you eat reflects on your physical appearance. The length of our hair can tell us how much of a kind of nutrients we have taken in from food. Protein and vitamins are very vital nutrients for the growth and health of our hair. These two nutrients are not only important to the hair but to other parts of the body like the nails and the skin. Now lets look at what you can eat to get a healthy and long hair within a short period of time.

Eat walnuts

Walnuts are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They are filled with copper which is a mineral that keeps the color of the hair rich and lustrous. They are also high in biotin and vitamin E and it has been noted that these two protect cells from DNA damage. Eat a lot of walnuts for a healthy and long hair.

Try out sweet potatoes

Why sweet potatoes? They are a good source of the antioxidant beta carotene which is later on turn into vitamin A by the body. Vitamin A gotten from sweet potatoes helps to produce and protect the natural oils which nourish our scalp. When there is a deficiency in vitamin A , the scalp becomes dry and we start facing problems with dandruff. Beta carotene can also be found in mangoes, pumpkin and carrots. You can eat them too for a better result.

Eat salmon

When your hair is long, salmon is exactly what you need to keep it healthy and cause it to grow longer. If you are looking for how to keep hair growing or how to grow long hair, then eat more of salmon. Salmon is not just rich in vitamin and protein but as well the omega-3 fatty acids which are very vital for hair growth. If you are not interested in salmon. You can get fatty acids from sardines, mackerel, pumpkin seeds and even avocado. Salmon is still highly recommendable because the omega-3 fatty acids which is its component form 3% of the hair shaft and these acids are also found in the cell membranes in the skin of our scalp and even the natural oils which nourish and moisturize our hair.

Try out spinash

Spinash is rich in it all. If you are looking for iron, beta carotene, folate and or even vitamin C, you can get them all in spinash. This food is super rich. All of these come together to keep the natural oils for the scalp circulating and as well to keep the hair follicles healthy. Vegetables such as kale, swiss chard and broccoli can be a replacement to spinash if you are not fun of eating it.

Try out oysters

When you lack zinc in your body, you start losing hair and it can get to you losing eye lashes and scalp getting dry. Oysters make such damages impossible because they are very rich in zinc. Do you know that just three ounces of oysters contain more than the zinc your body requires and the good news is that oysters can boast high level of protein. If you are not a fan of oysters, you can go for nuts, cereals, eggs and whole grain beans. You can get enough zinc in such foods. If you are looking for how to grow long hair, then this article is for you. Eat your oysters and make it possible.

Go for eggs

Eggs are a good source of protein. From that you begin to understand how important it is for hair growth. Protein is a very essential nutrient for hair growth. The hair is just what you can call protein in nature. The amount of protein will determine how long and healthy your hair will be. If your hair is long, it surely means you have been taking in enough protein into the body. Now lets see how eggs do the magic. Eggs are rich in four minerals which are zinc, sulfur, iron, and selenium. The iron in eggs is very essential to the healthy of the body. It is iron which helps eggs to carry oxygen to the hair follicles and when there is lack of iron in the body, anemia may be diagnosed. Anemia causes a lot of hair loss. Eggs are also very rich in biotin which helps to support healthy hair. You can get more iron through the consumption of animal products like fish, pork, chicken and even beef.

Eat blueberries

Why blueberries? They are good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in blood circulation to the scalp. It helps to support the tiny blood vessels which feed the hair follicles and keep them strong and healthy. If you have little amount of vitamin C in your body, you may start experiencing hair loss. If you are looking for how to grow long hair or how to keep hair growing, then work on your diet. Eat the right thing to get the right result.

Get poultry products

When looking for how to grow long hair or when planning on growing your hair out, you should go for foods which are rich in protein. There is none like protein in putting the hair in good condition or causing it to grow much longer. When looking for protein, then get more poultry products. Poultry products also provide zinc, iron and vitamin B to help strands stay strong and healthy. When your hair is long and you want it to grow longer, eat more of poultry products. This also goes to you if you are trying to grow out hair or growing your hair out.

Hair growth is genetic. When your parents have long hair, then it is an assurance for you to grow long hair but that does not mean you should be discouraged if your parents did not have healthy hair. You can still work it out by following the ways listed in this article. Be faithful to them and you shall see great results. Hair growth may be genetic but keeping the hair healthy for it to grow longer and not break too often is a matter of efforts.