Outstanding Marketing Strategies that Actually Boost Sales
1 year ago

As far as the success of businesses are concerned, marketing has always been a very vital component. You will be shocked how much money goes into marketing campaigns every year in the US alone. More so, with technological advancements and the Internet presenting even more opportunities, challenges and competition for businesses, there has never been a time when marketing was a more important part of every business. However, much more important than the idea or concept of marketing which is basically about making a connection between your goods or services and your customers, are the strategies you choose to employ in order to make the whole marketing ordeal effective and worthwhile. There are several business marketing strategies to increase sales but they are obviously not all equally important or effective to your business. Successful sales strategies are those which are capable of increasing sales performance which lead to actual increase in sales when applied.

The success of every sales strategy you apply must therefore be a matter of its effectiveness rather than its popularity. Here are some business marketing strategies to increase sales that should help you see real result in the sales department of your company. Some of them would be things you have heard of before, but you will definitely have a better understanding of why they are important and how you can put them to work to boost sales and take the business or company to its next level.

Intensify market research

Many times, the reason why unsuccessful sales strategies are used by companies is because research was ignored or not properly done. As you look forward to employing marketing strategies and boosting sales, the first thing you should put in place is an outstanding marketing research team and project. This is the backbone that gives you greater assurance that other marketing strategies aimed at boosting sales will actually be effective. Take out some time and put in resources to carry out adequate market research. Every other thing that follows here will be done based on the quality of research you had, your findings and the decisions that were implemented based on those findings.

Market research sets you on the right track and gives direction. By putting it to work, you get to know more about your market reach, your competitors, your customers and their attitudes towards existing products and services, the potentials that each market holds as well as the effectiveness with which each marketing plan can be implemented.

Include planning in your marketing campaign

Strategy number two involves developing a plan for your marketing campaigns. After carrying out all necessary research and putting your findings together, you will be able to tell which strategies will work best. But you must also figure out how to put those strategies to work. That is where the importance of a plan comes in. Successful sales strategies are the result of a definite plan that helps marketers implement decisions.

The plan is that part of marketing strategies that breakdown the process into smaller segments to make the entire thing clear. It also makes it easier to practice since the plan serves as a road map. Marketing could be considered as business war and those who go to the war front without spending some time to plan and strategise in the war room will face terrible defeat and come back with casualties. Without a plan, other steps included in the marketing process will be carried out in the dark and that is a great recipe for failure and disappointment. Never ignore planning when you consider different business marketing strategies to increase sales.

Clearly figure out who your customers are

In order to carry out successful sales strategies and marketing campaigns that increase sales performance, you need to have a thorough understanding of your customers. This can be done by simply asking and answering certain questions that help you have a better understanding of your customers. What age range do they fall under? What class in society are they made up of? Are they dominated by a particular gender, what are their preferences? Etc

The information that comes from answering these questions help you to better target your customers and potential customers. For example, based on their age ranges, you can determine what mode or method of communication to use and how well to communicate with them.

Once you have an understanding of your customers, your advertising tactics will be more effective and consequently you are able to reach and influence more people. This helps you get more customers as you cover a wider range of the market. If the majority of your customers are teens for example, you know the most effective way to reach them will be through their phone. Text messages, social media platforms and teen television programs. This information on your customers also helps you know what changes to make with regards to your products and services as you go about the marketing campaign.

Be clear on what their problems are

After correctly identifying your customers, you need to have an understanding of what their problems or challenges are so that you can better advertise and serve them. This is very important as far as implementing successful sales strategies are concerned. Of course your advertisements are going to be be about how well your goods and services can solve the problems faced by your customers. In some cases, your advertisement strategies have to clearly describe the nature of problem your goods and services aim at solving. People face issues and they may not always know they have a problem until you bring along a solution and explain things to them. In order cases, the problem may be obvious to your customers so that it needs not be emphasized. Asking yourself what their problems are could also lead you to finding out those that exist and the problems that may just be assumptions.

Identify the benefits of your product

The benefits of your products are what make it desirable to customers and they are a vital part of your business marketing strategies to increase sales performance. You must understand that customers trade their money to get the value of your goods and services. That is the benefits they get from purchasing and using those goods and services. Identify all the benefits or privileges of using the company’s goods and services. These will help you develop the right advertisement profile and information. Remember, advertisement is basically about giving people reasons why they should stick to your company’s products and services even when there are other alternatives which are readily available for them. You cannot give them reasons that will be convincing enough if you do not identify the benefits of your product or services.

Build on your competitive advantage

When two company’s produce goods that should serve the same purpose and some customers choose one company’s product over another, what exactly are they after. That is the businesses competitive advantage. Examine the features and consider what advantage they hold over other goods and services of the same kind. Your competitive edge may be price, delivery, packaging, ease of use, etc. Once you are able to figure out what it is, be sure to build your advertisement campaign on that advantage you have over competitors. As far as the issue of competitive advantage is concerned, be sure to emphasize your strengths over the products and services of your competitors. Make it the main thing that echoes in the minds of your customers and potential customers. That is where you shine in advertisement and that is how to boost sales.

Get in the practice of converting and nurturing customers

Getting customers for a business is one thing. Making those customers loyal to the business is another. Marketing students know how important it is to always turn every first time buyer to a life time customer. Now that involves two stages of marketing strategy you have to be conscious of. First you have to put in place marketing strategies to get customers and then once they are gotten there must be other strategies employed to keep them loyal to the products and services of your businesses.

- Getting customers; Never come to the place where you are content with the number of customers you have. Always reach out for more. Get your adverts before people who do not know about your goods and services and keep those adverts in front of those who are already aware. There are different advertisement strategies to get more customers. Remember you may never be able to boost sales beyond a certain level until you are able to reach more people and get new customers. So you need specific strategies that bring new customers in contact with the company’s goods and services.

One strategy to accomplish this is to organize promotional sales activities. That is one marketing strategy to attract more customers to at least try out your goods and services which in turn leads to increase in sales performance.

Price reductions are also another strategy you can use. It could work great if the main advantage your competitors have over you is the price difference. If the company can still make enough profits from even a slight price reduction to match the prices of your competitors, it will be a great move to make.

A third option or strategy of advertisement to get more customers and boost sales is to include other privileges for your customers such as special packaging, free shipping ans delivery or even some other product as a gift. Whatever the company needs to do should be done, so long as it is done profitably and with dignity.

Once you have customers and begin to witness increase in sales, it is not time to relax and let down your guard. To keep sales persistently on the increase, you need a strategy that successfully keeps those who come in as it works towards bringing more people into the business.

- Keeping them informed Develop strategies that keep you connected to your customers at all times. It is one of the most effective business marketing strategies to increase sales. Your customers should have avenues through which they can get updated information about your goods and services. These avenues in themselves are going to be powerful tools of advertisement both for customers and potential customers and if well managed they will definitely lead to increase in sales.

There are several ways to keep your customers and potential customers informed about the company’s goods and services as you look forward to boosting sales through the information they get.

One strategy, which is very common is making use of emails. This works perfectly for your on-line campaigns. Almost every modern day business has a website from which customers can get information on different aspects of the company as well as its products and services. Most of them get the emails of customers and frequently send information and updates that are geared at keeping these customers glued to their goods and services.

You can also make use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Once you are able to reach your customers and potential customers through these platforms, it is time to constantly keep them informed on the goods and services of the business. This information may simply be reminders as is usually the case with advertisement campaigns.

- Make feedback possible and easy

Customers usually want to feel that they are part of the business. They want to have the impression that they can actually influence the business decisions in one way or the other to favor them. This is something you can take advantage of by making it possible and easy for them to send feedback to information they receive from you. Just giving your customers the opportunity to reach you with maybe their suggestions and complaints is a powerful advertisement strategy you should take advantage of. When they find it easy to send feed feedback, they will be more open to share their perceptions, suggestions and complaints with the business. This will help you get important information from your customers. Information that can help in making better judgments and use more effective advertisement strategies.

- Getting their long term loyalty.

Most business marketing strategies to increase sales are about getting more customers to buy but keeping those who are already part of the customer base is just as important.Ensuring that customers are continuously loyal to a business or company is important for boosting sales. If you keep getting new customers while loosing those who have been there all along, it will be difficult for you to increase sales no matter how many new customers you are able to get on a regular basis. You can ensure long term loyalty by offering special services for loyal customers. When customers see that you are committed to rewarding or showing appreciation for their loyalty, they will be even more committed to pledging their loyalty to the business and staying with you.

- Respond to feedback

One very important business advertisement strategy every company must be conscious of is the aspect of constantly and promptly giving your customers feedback on their complaints, questions and comments through the platforms the advertisement department establishes to keep them connected to the business. That is one way to keep customers interested in whatever you may be selling to them. If they cannot get prompt feedback to their complaints and questions, it may be difficult to convince them to stay with you.

Pay attention to your pricing policies or strategies

Pricing is a very powerful advertisement tool for every business. The ability to change prices, if wisely used could become an effective advertisement strategy to boost sales. Marketing research helps you determine what prices would be most effective in attracting customers while maintaining a certain level of profitability. Since this has to be done with your competitors in mind, you may want to refer to your research findings before taking a decision or making a move.

Also remember that the issue of pricing is very closely related to the quality of product you sell. If your goods and services have a higher quality than those of your competitors, then you can maintain higher prices for your goods and services than your competitors and still be able to get more people to buy them. Using price as a marketing tool or strategy to boost sales is very powerful but at the same time, it is technical and must be done with proper research and right judgment. Any blunder along this line could lead to terrible consequences as far as sales are concerned.

Optimize placement of the business

The location of a business is a formidable business strategy to boost sales. So business men and women have to be keen when choosing where the business should be located. The choice of business location has to come from right judgment. Consider your marketing research findings and figure out what location will best boost sales. Some locations are bad for the business, others are good, some others are great while some still are excellent. You have to consider where you place the business in the market in order to have a great response from customers. There are other things related to marketing as far as location is concerned but if you pick out the right location you will not have to worry about other issues because they will simply fall in place.

Give potential customers the opportunity to test your product

When customers have the opportunity to test your product, they are more likely to buy it because of trust. If you have several products already in the market, you can introduce a new complementary product by making it a free gift for those who buy any other product that has already been in existence. This will give them the opportunity to try out the product and decide whether or not they want to buy it when the trial or promotion period is over. In this way, you actually prepare the grounds to increase sales performance of the product or service the company sells.

One thing you should keep in mind when using this tip is that the products you introduce to attract potential customers should be something valuable. Something they really want to try out.

Become active in society (organize events)

One way to get the word out about your product is to organize events that promote your business and bring your products and services before those who will be interested in it. There are so many events a company can organize to bring awareness of its product and services and engage new customers in order to boost sales. You could organize workshops, conferences, sales promotions or even donations. The company could also partner with other businesses if single handedly organizing such events will be a problem. Buy sales space at display sessions during events and make arrangements to display your product at sales promotion events.

As far as events are concerned, you could also get into charity gestures that can further attract potential customers and as a result increase sales.

Take advantage of social media and the Internet

Any contemporary business without an on-line presence can hardly be effective enough to boost sales. Every social media platform is a potential tool for reaching out to existing customers and engaging potential clients. Howbeit, in order to effectively engage social media and increase sales you have consider a few things.

Consider which platforms best suit your business and will relate best with customers. If your target audience or customers are highly non generic, you will want to first find out which platform will suit them best and take advantage of it the most you can.

The next thing will be establishing a strong presence that engages your target audience and keeps them informed on developments and new products. Your content should therefore always be engaging and informative enough to fulfill the purpose for which it is developed.

Once you have developed a social presence that engages the right people, it is time to start building relationships that transform those that get connected from ordinary buyers to loyal customers. Through all these processes, you are able to get and keep customers, thus increasing sales consistently.