How to Enhance Relationship with Customers
1 year ago

Efficient customer relationship management is key to business success. Thus, a customer service manager should be capable of building customer relationships and properly enhancing them to last forever. When customers are excited about the goods and services which are offered by a customer service manager, they will inform others to get a taste of these goods or services as well.

A customer service manager develops tactics to get new customers while providing maximum satisfaction to already existing customers.He mollifies his existing customers by enhancing a warm relationship which is beneficial for both.

Some people get it all wrong when they believe that a good customer relationship fully implies that the client is likely to keep doing business with them forever. A good customer relationshipalso means that the tendency of a client recommending the company and its services or goods to others is extremely high.

There exists no powerful relation that builds up from one-time meeting at some particular networking event. Thus, one does not really need a pocketful of random business cards cluttering the desk. What you really need is a perfect plan to nourish and make grow these relationships in order to benefit in a great way. Although this process is challenging, it is not as hard as you might think forwe are going to present to you the different ways which successful customer service managers use in building customer relationships.

How to build customer relationships

Build your network

Here, your network represents your sales lifeline. It also includes your professional acquaintances, business colleagues, partners, suppliers, contractors, prospecting and existing customers, friends, family, association members and those that you meet at church, school, and surrounding. Your contacts are also your potential customers that are only waiting for you to connect to their needs. A lot of customers visit businesses which are run by those they personally know and appreciate. Hence in every milieu that you find yourself as a customer service manager, it is wise to pay attention to all those around you. Discuss with them in order to build some familiarity. In building your network, you need to be active. Do not sit back waiting for the contacts you made at a networking event 1 year ago. You need to take things at hand by adding value to the relationships so that the contacts you previously made can actually pay off.

In building your network, it is wise to create a database for customer phone number, e-mail, and mail addresses. If you are in possession of a detailed database, you’ll be able to better enhance your customer needs thereby gaining their loyalty. The database can also contain complex data concerning your customers such as their purchase history and behavior, preferences, and dislikes.

Carryout surveys with your customers because customers often tend to move to where they are heard. Note down their worries, suggestions, and praise concerning your business.

Encourage customer feedbacks

In order to build a strong relationship between you and your customers, always encourage your customers to send feedbacks after consumption of your services or goods. Let them know you’ll be welcoming these feedbacks with a warm embrace whetherthey are positive or negative. Remember to always emphasize on honest feedbacks. They’ll help you to better advance in your business and at the same time reinforce your relationship with your customers.

Take customer complaints serious

Customer complaints and negative feedbacks actually give you an opportunity to hear what your customers truly think about your goods and services. Complains give you a chance to adjust. In addition, it gives you a chance of improving your goods and services thereby keeping potentially negative reviews from becoming viral on social Media. Thus, you need to know how to handle and properly manage all customer complaints in a lesser time. It is wise to approach all customer complaints with a positive mind set. If your customers are willing to share their painful experiences with you, then it’s your duty to actively give them a listening ear thereby picking the things that need to be adjusted at the moment. In rectifying any complain, it is important to offer a heartfelt apology and also thank the customer for bringing the issue to your attention.Remember to always promise only as much as you can deliver if you want your customer to take you serious.


Relationships which are not properly handled and nourished with effective communication do not last. As a competent customer service manager, you should communicate effectively as if the entire business depended only on it alone. It is difficult for people to remember you from a business card or a one-time meeting no matter how persuasive you were. Therefore, it is always advisable to start following up your contacts immediately after you are back from a networking event. You can do this by sending a nice to meet you message or email. They’ll immediately realize that you’ve added them to your contacts. It’s also important to put emphasis on what you are doing. When such people are in need of what you offer, they’ll easily remember you because you’ve remained in their minds.

In building customer relationships, it is wise to get to know your customers in person through an effective communication. Being able to remember a customer’s name, family members, and some other personal details can be beneficial to your business. In speaking with customers, always ask of their concerns and interest together with those things that are working for them and those not working for them with respect to your business. This will allow you to better learn about the customer’s particular experience with your goods or services. This will help you to improve on the quality of your goods and services. There exist special events which can permeate you to meet your customers face-to-face thus a good opportunity to know your customer on personal basis. This will also help you to create room for constructive criticism from your customers and suggestions to adopt in order to improve your services and goods.

Build trust with customers

Trust is built over a very long period of time when you are reputed for being honest, credible, and maintaining your integrity. These values can help you in difficult moments; when your customers believe in you, they’ll support you even when you are undergoing difficulties thus remaining faithful. A customer’s commitment and trust is built should be your target. Every successful long term relationship has as an essential ingredient, commitment. Once this is achieved, it pays off greatly by increasingprofits, and bringing in other customers by recommendation.Always show compassion in your actions that are affecting the relationship. If you say something, make sure that you do it on time. Always demonstrate the ability and competence to act for mutual benefit.

Prepare a reward for loyal customers

Do something to encourage them to remain loyal to you. A reward for them tends to be the best option and it also encourages new customers to be loyal to you as well. Stay in contact with your loyal customers and offer them something of value in exchange for their time, and attention.In order to realize this, you do not need to get something very expensive, a coupon, or news they can use is quite effective. The idea is keeping in touch with them if you do not want your competitors to take your place.

Practice inbound marketing

Inbound marketing as oppose to outbound marketing which has to do with going to where your customers live and work so as to market goods and services is quite efficient. It is not surprising that customers won’t appreciate being interrupted during their daily activities. And this is not even a good idea to adopt for it is wise to attract customers to you than to move towards them. Inbound marketing has to do with providing the solutions to the needs of your customers thus pulling them to you. Here, customers come to you and not you going to customers. This is possible by creating valuable content that immediately solves the problems that your customers are facing. At this point, it’s the customers to look for you since they find their solutions in your hands. You can get to your customers through mediums like videos, blog posts, whitepapers, and eBooks. By using social Medias, you can effectively share your content on the web. In addition, inbound marketingcost relatively less expensive in time and money when compared to outbound marketing.

Online business has suddenly overpowered all forms of businesses thus it won’t make sense if we do not also talk of building customer relationships with social medias. Effective customer relations on social Mediaswill lead to a situation wherecustomerswill trust and love brands. This level of loyalty comes as a result of the fact that these brands were able to build efficient customer relations with time. The trust and confidence of customers is earned over a long period. This makes it wise to start taking steps that will permeate you achieve this. Social Media represent one of the best ways on building customer relations. Such relations are capable of preventing companies in the future from closing down due to setbacks.

Be Human

Being human is an essential character in building customer relationships online. There is no customer that longs to encounter a cold heartless corporation that sees him as a dollar sign. Social Media offer you the possibility to showcase your personality and humanize your brand. This is done through the tone used in tweeting, the way you engage with customers online and the images you send out. This calls for a particular approach unique to your business. Do not try to imitate others for your chances of reaching the top will be low since you’ll be seen as a replicate of someone.

Be quick in Response

Respond quickly to your customers online. When customer service managers take days before answering their customers, they are ruining the relationship that exists between them. There are customers ready to pay higher for quick responses online concerning their issues.

Go beyond customer expectations

So many businesses have succeeded to stand out for their extraordinary social customer services. Here, you can decide to create memorable experiences which will remain in the minds of your customers. Such random acts of kindness often make customers very happy.When photos of these extraordinary things get to the internet, they give you extraordinary publicity as well. Several customers purchase from companies that highly appreciate and see their importance.

Give more than you ask

It is significant to always strive to add value to your customers. You have to learn to serve your audience the kind of things that they are really looking rather than just what you have for them. Building efficient customer relations become very easy when you are sharing the type of content they really like. Research has shown that customer service managers that strive to give than they receive from their customers end up being the winners in a long run.

The goal of customer relationship management

Customer relationship management is aimed at developing strategic and efficient mutual relationships that are profitable to customers. A good number of companies without extra cost.

Customer relationship management does amplifiers customer base of an organization through competent marketing. It has brought up new dimensions by improving marketing. It is rapidly growing thanks to the challenging business environment that is faced by organizations on daily basis. In industries that are undergoing changes in traditional channel configuration, customer relationship management is even more critical.

Customer relationship management represents an effective way of addressing changing economic conditions, increasing competition, and promotional dependence. This is effective through the use of intimate customer knowledge. It turns to be the best option for improving business in uncertain times.

Characteristics of customer relationship management oriented marketing

Web Marketing

A greater number of customers are rapidly tending to web marketing or web shopping. This later plays a major role in business as it allows both the suppliers and the customers to transact in a real time environment regardless of their locations. The web marketing has several great benefits. With it, online marketing campaigns are more promotional when compared to manual campaigns. In a lesser time, suppliers are able to reach a greater number of customers. Online marketing campaigns are easier to be traced, tracked, tested, and calculated. The cost for physically reaching the target customers for interaction is eliminated thus we can conclude that web marketing is relatively very inexpensive. Online research analysis and techniques have simplified the selection process of any brand or product.

Email marketing

It was noticed that email marketing is more efficient and inexpensivewhen compared to mail marketing strategies. This is more of a direct marketing strategy which is data driven and immediately leads to effective fulfillment of customer needs. The attractive features in this direct marketing strategy are newsletters, eCards, eCoupons, and provision of saving events into calendars.

Analyzing customer’s online buying behavior

An effective customer relationship management system provides a special platform which analyses the customers buying behavior online. This is aimed at building a long term relationship with the customer by properly figuring out customer needs.

Forecasting future marketing strategies

Based on the emotional behavioral change of customers, marketing strategies also keep on changing. Thus creating need for proper customer relationship management market forecasting techniques which will assist to better understand customer behavior online through statistical data analysis. Although complex, it has been proven to be one of the most efficient marketing strategies provided by effective customer relationship management.

Build business impact models

Every organization is required to carryout regular checks on marketing performance. By so doing, they’ll make sure that the different techniques in place are leading to greater profits. These special models of customer relationship management work to improve the performance of the business.

Qualities of a great customer service manager

In enhancing relationships with customers, customer service managers play are to be competent in motivating, managing, and coaching their teams for better yields. In addition, they are to be ready to get down to the field in other to interact with and satisfy all customers which their reps can’t satisfy. Being a customer service manager is being a manager and a service rep.

Below are the qualities of a customer service manager.

Possess a customer-centric attitude

A competent manager has to always prioritize their customers in everything they do. He has to put the customer at the center of all that they do. If they fail to do this, they’ll end up not succeeding.

Effective communication/language skills

There is no skill in customer service management as powerful as communication. Effective communication skills represent the bedrock of any relationship between the customer service manager and their teams together with customers. There is a saying that when the going gets tough, the manager gets going. Thus he is supposed to be well equipped with language skills in handling the most difficult customer service situations in cases where the front line team is unable to solve.

Ability to understand the front team

Highly competent managers are able to empathize with the challenges that the front team is facing. They are capable of resolving these issues properly in the right way without hurting any person physically or morally. They master the art of recovering after a customer yell. They are able to withstand challenging issues when they arise.

Ability to set and follow priorities

Not all activities taken are good and fruitful. A competent manager is able to discern unfruitful activities from fruitful ones. Thus he knows how to assist their team to focus their energy on achieving something fruitful. They are able to properly balance the team’s time spent delivering customer experiences with that which is also spent reacting to all customer service issues. This is a balance which several businesses struggle with over years. Competent managers are in possession of the organizational skills that are required to see that the important is not fully overpowered by the urgent.

Being a motivator

Competent managers are able to motivate themselves and at the same time motivate their team members in order to obtain fruitful results. Motivations boost the output of the team members. They are skilled enough to make things happen and not simply wait for them to happen. Competent managers turn to be hardworking and teach their team members by action. They know how to properly push their team members to the greatest level without exhausting them.

Possess effective leadership skills

A competent customer service manager is highly credited for his ability to persuade, negotiate, and influence for the benefit of the business. He needs to be able to efficiently lead while motivating co-workers, business partners, and subordinates. He is responsible for the achievement of goals over a given period of time. Being a leader, he must be able to take decisions for the interest of the business in critical situations. He does this by picking out the best solution after listening and taking in to consideration all alternatives.

Analytic skills

Analyzing and troubleshooting are the responsibilities of a customer service manager. After the identification of key issues, he proceeds with the development of a strategic approach to resolve all. They are also credited for producing the best solutions within a limited time frame.

Ability to build strategic approaches

Strategic approaches are aimed at improving on the business’s profitability through new and effective techniques developed thanks to the expertise of the customer service manager. Such persons often train their team members and and help them withstand challenges.

After looking at the different ways on how to build and enhance firm relationships with customers, we can conclude that this challenging process is possible to achieve. In this process, the customer service manager plays a key role thus his skills need to be at the top in order to keep the business flourishing. It should also be remembered that in maintaining a firm relationship with a customer, honesty is at the center. Make sure that you are always transparent in your business dealings. Acknowledge your mistakes, fix them and move ahead for a better future and great success is awaiting you.