3 Steps to Take for Smooth Moving into a New Home
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1 year ago

Many assume that there is nothing smooth about moving to a new home. And, for those who don’t take the time to prepare, organize and take the necessary steps, moving might become all bumpy and unpleasant. There are so many things you need to consider and even more things you need to pack, load and transport. It seems like such a burden for many. However, this situation can be avoided, if you only think things through, do some research to find the best ways you can ease the moving burden and follow at least these 3 important steps.

1. Make a checklist with everything you need to do

The first step is the trickiest too, because it implies organizing all your other steps on a piece of paper. Don’t panic! Take it step by step and write down everything you need to do, according to the interval of time left before the actual move. So, the first step should be notifying third parties about your move and change of address, followed by disconnecting your utilities and connecting them to your new home. Add then buying moving boxes, or better yet, getting free used boxes, for packing all your things, and don’t forget about labels, tape and bubble wrap. Choose a professional and reliable moving company and make sure you tell them if you need them for long or short distance move, if you need more than two men and a truck and how many hours will the moving operation take. Decide what you will get to your new home and what you will give or throw away. Inspect every room and assess what you will have to dissemble to be able to load it on the moving truck. Gather everyone for the actual packing of your belongings. Get rid of everything that you don’t need to save space in the moving truck and, of course, money. Clean up your old home, say your good byes and wait for the movers to take you to your new address.

2. Protect your kids from the stress of moving

If you have kids, things will get a bit more complicated. Kids need and love routine, and they will probably miss their old bedroom, courtyard and, of course, friends. Don’t rush them. Prepare them for the big move at least one month ahead, and explain them how will the move take place. It’s better if you involve them in the moving process, by allowing them to pack their own things, choose what they want to keep or give away. You can even use moving to play fun games that allows them to learn about shapes and colors, but also how to be better at organizing things. Since moving with kids is always stressful for everybody, avoid uprooting them from their routine when they are learning new, essential thinks, like following a sleep schedule or while potty training them.

3. Check all last minute details

These last minute details are very important for a smooth transition. They will help you make a clean exit from your old home and step into your new house at peace, knowing that you’ve done everything right regarding your moving process. So, make sure you pack your cleaning supplies last, because you will have to leave behind a clean house or apartment. After that, turn off your air conditioning and any other utilities that are still working. Shut and lock all windows and doors. Enter each room one more time to check and see if you or any other family member has left anything behind. Check the closets, drawers, storage rooms, basement, and cabinets. Say good bye and turn off all the light switches.

Once you will follow these three steps, the moving process will go smoothly. Organizing every step of the way is very important, and we recommend you always write down all you have to do along the way and check each step once it’s completed.