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The information in this article is aimed at helping web designers, website owners and potential website owners on how to choose a great design for their website. In this article, we are going to cover the key elements that you should look for in a web design and taking your website to the next level.

1.    Good Visual Design— Web design is a word comprising of all the small and big visuals elements of a website i.e The logo, white space, font(s), theme/template, colors and layout.

2.    It common sense that you use a website design that relates well to the topic of your website. Also make sure that your theme can help keep you or your content on track. In web design, it is very important to think about color usage, meaning, and whitespace.

3.    Content— Aside from a great design, the key to an awesome website is providing good content for the website that your readers will enjoy. The content you produce should answer the question  “How am i gaining from your site”.

4.    Navigation— This is the GPS of your website. The navigation bars or buttons are the ones that get your visitors where they need to go in your site to get the information they need to do certain things. Essentially, this bar should be at the top, or on the left side of your site. The navigation bar should be uncluttered and very simple to use. It is a good idea to always group all the alike pages under the same topics so as to streamline navigation.

5.    Call to Action — A Call to Action is a set of power words that urge your website visitors to take an action  immediately on your website.  There is actually no magic formula to a perfect Call to Action. The solution is to continuously test what works best for your audience and your website or blog. Test the size, placement and color of these and don’t forget to use actionable power words.

6.    Credibility — A good blog or website should instill trust from the visitors. You should also strive to ensure that you create engagement with your visitors to build a great relationship with them. A good website design takes credibility into consideration by incorporating all the items that help you to identify as a legitimate resource. One way you can do so is by using verified links, that clearly state your contact info and identity, employing social proof and good grammar. A good website design never lacks a comment section for the visitors to leave their comments on the content in the website.

7.    Mobile site — Traffic from mobile is increasing day in day out. Very many  people are looking at your site from an ipad, mobile phone, tablet or a web enabled device. Nowadays, it seems like anything with a microchip and a screen is capable of surfing on the internet these days. Always make sure that your site is viewable on a mobile device by using a responsive design

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