When creating a logo what is it important to consider
1 year ago

The logo is one of the important aspects of any company. Usually graphic designer creates a logo following some basics. Here we shall discuss a few of the things that are important to consider while designing a logo.


            If you are designing a logo for your client, then it is necessary to know all the details about your client including its social, educational, and business background. Research about the nature of the client’s business. It is recommended to know the client’s market and the product client is selling in the market. Research about your client will enable you to design a logo with the right font, color, shape, and symbol.


            Trends change every moment. Do not follow the trend blindly because they change every week or month. Design such a logo that remains relevant even after years.

Black and White:

            It is recommended to design your logo first in black and white. It is the quality of a good logo that is equally impressive in black and white as in the colored patterns. Usually, you have to publish your logo on different platforms including newspapers, and in newspapers, the logo is published in the black and white pattern. Also, the photocopies of the logo will also be in black and white. Even your fax message will also be in black and white. So must draw your logo in a black and white pattern. When you become satisfied with black and white, then design your logo in a colored version.


            A scalable logo is the one that can be displayed on every platform whether small or big having a uniform impression. It retains its elegancy on each forum. The proportion of the logo must be designed in a way that it can readily adjust on the large forums such as billboards and small forums such as business cards. It should not look disoriented on any forum. It is recommended to use a grid approach in order to have a proportionate pattern.


            It is the tendency of human beings to look or design differently from the rest. Also, it is in the nature of human beings that different things always make a memory in mind. So design a logo that seems different from the rest. Design such a logo that reminds people of the company just by looking at the logo. It will leave a lasting impression on the customer’s minds.

Minimal design:

            If you want to design a unique logo then follow the approach of minima design. Do not add excessive elements in the design that are occupying extra space. It is okay to leave some extra black space in the logo. Do not unnecessarily overwhelm the logo with colors and designs. It is recommended to add only those elements that serve the purpose of conveying a message. Minimal design leads to a simple logo that is understandable by the viewer and people recognize it in an instant.


            Prior to launching your logo, it is recommended to test your logo on various platforms. Your logo will be displayed on many online and physical platforms. So do check if there is any contradiction. A good logo will be the same as displayed on the wall of a building or on printing paper. Check your logo on different mobile apps and websites. In this way, you will get to know the results before launching the logo.

Different tones:

            The design of your logo must be flexible enough to incorporate the necessary changes. The colors and positioning of the logo must be flexible enough to change. Do not design a rigid design that is not able to incorporate the changes. Your logo must possess the quality of incorporating different tones. If your logo can not be altered then redesign it for having a change in it.


            There is no doubt that your logo must be visually appealing but it must convey a meaning that the product intends to deliver. The design of the logo must impart the meaning corresponding to the brand strategy. The logo should be a complete visual representation of your product. It must be designed in a way that customer gets the entire picture of the product with its underlying meaning. It is recommended to use simple and easy language that readily gets understood by the viewer. Otherwise, the viewer will lose interest because people barely search the thing which they do not understand.


            Creative people always work on the basis of some inspiration. They always need some unique idea that must click to their mind in order to start the work. Graphic designing is also a creative task that requires immense creativity from a person in terms of color, tones, proportions, etc. You can take inspiration from the work of professional designers and even you may look at your personal work library. Nature is the biggest supporter of creative work so take inspiration from nature and start designing the logo.

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