Create Visitor Emotional Attachment to your Website
1 year ago

Customers do have an emotional attachment to stores from where they purchase products or services. That may be due to proximity, brand, cheap-cost, design, easy navigation, active structure, product display or there could be much more such reasons. It is true not only in physical stores but also applicable to online stores too. Take an example of Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, Homeshop18, shopper stop and much more. They do have loyal customers and make their purchases only from them. The customer's emotions entirely attached with those eCommerce web portals. 

Customer to carve their belief on product-basis also. Like 'A' product they would purchase from Amazon only. For Hosting services, they would rely solely on CP Web Hosting. The online portals must understand the psychology of online visitors, what attracts them, where they navigate, which pages are most visited, i.e., apply some artificial intelligence on it.

Factors responsible for Purchase

E-commerce portals attractive product display can generate must have it feeling. People buy products emotionally, that in many surveys has become stated truth. Emotionally people start linking the products with their need or luxury. They don't want to miss out that product.

Advanced marketers have incorporated emotional intelligence as a valuable tool for audience reach and creating brand value. They understand that although when visitors interact with websites, they are alone, specific factors can make the interaction human-like. Such features can lead to fruitful results, thus making huge profits.
With the pace the e-commerce industry is flouring, it seems that soon it is going to overtake the traditional physical nature of the business. The traditional companies need to understand that now it is not the customer who is going to come, it is what they need to go to clients.

The customers wish to save time, money and energy. Most of the purchases a client is making by ease. Alluring E-commerce portals attract the client and with all the features listed above, generates a relaxed feel with Online business. There was a time when customers were worried about online frauds, but with the security online portals are offering, customers are tension-free.

Nowadays, online store owners are taking so much pain in securing clients data, that it has generated a wave in their favor. The CP Web hosting providers with security software have made this complex tasks much more manageable. A store owner doesn't need to have the much technical know-how for that. Also, there is no need to hire additional professionals for the same.Store owners are selecting the memorable domain names like crystaldecor.com, which is catchy and also comes to visitors mouth.

The domain is selling beautiful handcrafted glassware selection for your home and gifting. Visitors find best of Bohemian Crystal glassware on the portal.

The CP Web Hosting do provide best e-Commerce platform, with thousands of templates available to optimize the look of e-commerce portal. The hosting e-commerce platform offers enhanced functionality to list products into various categories, create CMS pages and beautiful welcome greet to visitors.

Mani, CPWebHosting says that "Store owners must select the themes, related to their products. Themes build the store environment, so pick only professional, responsive, well-structured layout. It would allow you to present products to must get it tag". Thus, platform plays an essential role in generating the attraction of the customers. Innovation should match the ease. Otherwise, it can confuse the visitors. Sometimes, simple designs are captivating enough and develop positive user-experience. Don't think, of making the things complex, always try to make it simple, as people quickly adapt them and also, they are comfortable with the things, which they are doing it or know them.

Customers like human-like interface
Your E-commerce portal must have an interface, which the visitors already know, or, already have experience of that. Although, you can bring some innovation to it, but yet, always try to make it simple for users. Products must be easily navigable. The whole experience for the customer should be real, although the visitor is dealing with the technology.  Rich media can be convenient here, display of product multiple three-dimensional images can almost resolve the above issue.

Live-cam technology, where users can view products in stores, can provide the feeling they might be looking for. With clothing products, people do check type of cloth, feel it by touching, they understand, that there may be the difference in color in what they might be viewing on screen. But, they compromise these things, when massive discounts are available from brands. Thus, trust, bring the sales. Yes, few attributes, customers compromise, while purchasing in the virtual world.  It's technology, which draws them nearer to the real experience. Live-cam can bring a virtual tour of products and can revolutionalize the e-commerce industry. Customers expectations are always high, to meet them, the online business owners must tight their waist. Customers need all the Information about the products, which presented in style, which could attract and also readable.

 With proper strategy, content is categorized, marked with tags, and properly related rich-media embedded within it. Try to minimize redundancy and enrich customers with right information. Not two customers are alike so that they may have different content needs, the layout of your content must fulfill the requirements of everybody. People like to share their belief, opinion, feedback, so proper space must be available for them. A website owner must welcome input from the visitors, whether negative or positive, as it helps him to understand the behavior of the customers, and also helps to take necessary steps to correct the things. It is only the way to know the User-experience. There may be attributes, which might have motivated them to write reviews if such characteristics are not available, website owners must artificially generate them by putting calls to action buttons.

Feedback forms to get input from potential customers. Mold your websites as per suggestions and feedback


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