Rehabilitate and Prevent Ankle Injuries with the Best Ankle Braces
1 year ago

Ankle braces are carefully designed to tackle ankle issues such as sprains, arthritis, injuries and muscle fatigue. The ankle is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. Ankle ligaments and joints are highly sensitive and can likely be damaged even at low loads. This is why you should always use a special ankle brace to avoid sprains, dislocations, and rupture of ligaments. All you need for this protection is simply getting one of the best ankle braces. This makes a foot firmly fixed and completely protected against any possible damage. Even after severe surgeries and injuries, hard braces enhance and accelerate recovery whereas semi-hard models accelerate recovery from sprains and dislocations. It is always a good idea to give your body much support as you can especially when engaging in any physical activity. This is very important for activities like running where the potential of being injured due to repeated impact is elevated. A good number of people take on ankle braces because they offer extra support for the ankle thus restricting movements that can likely lead to injuries.

The Evolution and Future of ankle bracing

One of the safety techniques that have been used by sports medicine professionals for over a century is the rehabilitative and preventive braces. Before braces a lace-up corset was used. Both the lace-up ankle brace and lace-up knee brace were developed in the 1980s. However, only the lace-up knee brace became superseded in the early 1980s when the modern hinged knee brace made its appearance. A good number of lace-up ankle braces are still continuously being used by medical.

 Why it is normal in today’s modern medicine using lace-up ankle brace? The founder of the Ultra Ankle Patented the design for the first hinged-cuff ankle brace in the year 2000 after ground-breaking the ankle brace revolution; thanks to his invention of the hinged brace in the early 1980s. From then, a lot of updates have been made to the hinged-cuff. Features like the soft shell have been introduced. Improvements have been made and its interior is comfortable allowing for full and natural range of motion.

Reviews of ankle braces

There exist a good number of ankle braces that are available for a variety of ankle conditions. You would likely want to have information on these differences and make a choice depending on what you are trying to stabilize and fix with the ankle brace.

Ankle support

This is an ankle brace which is best suited for supporting and stabilizing an injured ankle. Depending on the severity of the injury, there are varieties of support levels you can choose from. It should be noted that the more support you need, the more complex the support ankle brace might be. This does not mean that they are complicated to wear or are painful to wear. This simply means that there are extra features to provide the support you need. These extra features include; straps, laces, and extra padding.

Plantar Fasciitis support:

In just a short period of time, plantar fasciitis can be corrected thanks to the proper compression qualities of this ankle brace. It turns to be a good choice for ankle injuries.

Achilles Strap Support:

This type of ankle brace turns to work best for people with tendon related issues and Achilles heel problems. High impact sports can easily get the Achilles tendon over stressed. Even being on your feet for a long period of time can get the Achilles tendon stressed up. But the straps of the Achilles brace have been carefully designed to limit the tendon and at the same time protect it from movements that will re-injure or aggravate the situation. It is quite easy using the Achilles brace which is very effective.

Levels of Support

As previously mentioned, the level of support you need in your chosen ankle support brace will be dogged by the severity of the injury. Super-light ankle sprains won’t require the same level of support that a serious ankle sprain would. However, they can still benefit from compression braces. The main purpose of compression fabrics in ankle support braces is to maintain therapeutic heat and stabilize the injured area. This helps to create a pavement for fresh, oxygen-rich blood to flow in the injured area thereby accelerating the healing process. When searching for an ankle support brace note that there are different levels of compression they offer. Major ligament sprains are injuries that require a high support ankle brace with plenty of support features and stabilization. It is obvious that the heavier-duty braces with more support features would likely cost more.

Their uses

Ankle braces are not only designed to protect the ankle during physical activities but also allows for immobilization. Immobilisation is very important in cases where the ankle has been severely injured and unnecessary movement of the joint can likely lead to further severe injuries. They are also responsible for providing therapeutic heat and compression to the bones. This accelerates recovery from whatever severe injury you are suffering from.

Athletic performance:

At first glance, it appears that restricting the movement in one of your limbs could probably affect your athletic performance. This is a chief concern for all engaging in competitive sports. Nevertheless, there is a large frame of scientific research that suggests ankle braces do not affect athletic performance. They instead help you maintain your overall ability thus ensuring you perform up to standard. With the best ankle brace you will always perform just as you are capable.

Ankle Brace or Tape?

A common traditional alternative to an ankle brace is simply taping up the ankle to create similar effects. However, taping must adapt to the user’s body thereby making it difficult to correctly execute. This task often requires an experienced professional capable of taping properly. For this reason, a lot of amateurs prefer the ankle brace to the tape due to its ease of use, and the superior comfort that it offers. Go for ankle braces that are both comfortable and capable of offering superior level of support. This is why we have reviewed the following best ankle braces to help assist you in making the right choice.

Ankle Brace Review: The Shock Doctor Ultra Wrap Lace

 The Shock Doctor Ultra Wrap Lace

From its name “Shock Doctor” one expects to obtain an exceptional level of support.  This is the best ankle brace for people who suffer from periodic issues with their ankles. The product comes with a multi-strap design that closely stimulates taping, thus ensuring that proper support is provided to the tendons around the ankle alongside the bone itself. It is highly recommended for major and moderate ankle injuries, tendon and sprain problems.

Features and specifications:

  • Its multi-directional straps offer excellent support;
  • Its No-Slip footed feature ensures the brace does not cause any concerns when worn;
  • It comes with a low profile lacing loop system that is mostly hidden by straps;
  • It uses antimicrobial advanced technology in order to be more hygienic and prevent unappreciable smells; and
  • It is rated as performance level 3, this makes it ideal for heavy ankle sprains and injuries.

More about the Shock Doctor Ultra Wrap Ankle Brace:

A good number of people have testified of how the Shock Doctor Ankle brace shows up as an excellent substitute for taping and offering high support levels. It is quite easy to put on and also remove after use. Other users of this ankle brace have highly complimented its lightweight design. It offers superb supporting level.

What’s not appreciated?

Apart from sizing issues which are not the fault of the product itself, very few users of this product have complained experiencing issues with the brace falling apart after a short time of use. This tends to be a manufacturing defect as this is not an issue that is normally brought up.

Final word:

The Shock Doctor tends to offer almost everything it claims. It shows a 4.1 out of 5 rating. This ankle brace has received a lot of praises for its qualities in terms of support and ease to use. This makes it an excellent choice for people who have suffered from an ankle injury and need as much support as a brace can offer. However a few persons complain of its size. Nevertheless, it remains one of the best volleyball ankle braces any athlete can take for high level performance.

Reviews of Ankle Brace: The Cramer Ankle Excel Lace-up Ankle Brace


The Cramer Ankle Excel Lace-up Ankle Brace

This is one of the best ankle braces for volley ball in 2017 which offers ultimate ankle protection and sprain support. It is made from a premium fabric of 840 denier nylon. It employs an outstanding circumferential lacing system alongside a well-tested figure-8 tough strapping system. The brace provides perfect support around your ankle just as a superior lace-up brace is expected to do. Coming in various sizes for both men and women, its straps are quite tough and rigid. It fits extremely well in your shoe while providing the necessary flex to walk and carryout other sport activities. It is suitable for persons in a recovery phase who need something to provide their ankle with therapeutic heat and compression. When compared to ordinary straps, it provides more stabilization.


  • Comes in different sizes;
  • Highly durable;
  • Great for stabilization;
  • Great for recovery; and
  • Allows for necessary movements.


  • It is too tight for wide feet; and
  • Lacing is time consuming.

Reviews of Knee Braces: The McDavid Classic Lightweight Ankle Brace


The McDavid Classic Lightweight Ankle Brace

This is another high quality ankle brace from McDavid. It is one that sports a classic design which allows you see the laces, instead of wrapping them up with strips. It looks more like braces from a few decades ago featuring the McDavid logo. Let that not induce you into a mistake of thinking that it does not provide modern levels of performance. McDavid has gained reputation as one of the best ankle brace manufacturers in the World. It comes with a combination of modern improvements and is classic.

Features and specifications:

  • Thanks to its bilateral design, it can fit both ankles;
  • It is used by athletes and trainers worldwide in preventing injuries;
  • The brace is made pleasing to the eye thanks to its retro design;
  • It offers improved flexibility since weight is kept to a minimum; and
  • It is believed to be one of the company’s best-selling ankle braces.

More about the McDavid Lightweight Ankle Brace:

A lot of people have praised this ankle brace for its wonderful and appealing design and others have testified its excellent level of support. It allows the user maintain a large amount of stability all through the physical workouts. This means that it won’t negatively impact an athlete’s performance, instead it will enhance and allow the athlete continue competing at very high levels. It is considered to be one of the best ankle brace for running.

What’s not appreciated?

A few users over the past years have reported this ankle brace to be uncomfortable. They claim it is too stiff and cuts into the skin. This may likely be a sizing issue with some users. This brace was designed with first-class craftsmanship skill with the aim of treating major tendon damage issues and ankle sprains.

Final word:

It shows up to be a 4.2 out of 5 rating from a hundred of reviews of ankle braces. This ankle brace certainly seems to be capable of providing everything you could require when it has to do with high quality support. Some people find its gorgeous design a major plus.

Reviews of Ankle Brace: The Yosoo Ankle brace


The Yosoo Ankle brace

Yasoo is one of the best volleyball ankle braces which offers great support and ankle stability. It is constructed with premium neoprene which is durable, breathable and elastic. Neoprene possesses a great moisture wicking capability and it is latex free offering perfect fit and ultimate comfort. Since it ensures maximum protection, it is a garment to use for weight and fast shifting activities. It is an 11-inch ankle brace that fits either feet. It comes with a universal size that allows it fit both gender. Great motion is offered while playing, walking, and running thanks to its open heel design. A good number of people use it in running. It comes with an effective wrapping system that accelerates recovery.


  • It is easy to take off;
  • Offers ultimate comfort;
  • It is washable;
  • It comes in a universal fit;
  • Wraps around well; and
  • It is durable.


  • Too big for some people; and
  • Does not provide the best support.

Reviews of Ankle Brace: The Active Ankle T2 Rigid Ankle Brace

 The Active Ankle T2 Rigid Ankle Brace

This is another ankle brace that is designed with ease of use in mind. It forgoes the complex design that is favoured by many professional braces. Its simple design makes it exceptionally to slip to either of your ankles for ultimate protection. It shows the minimum fuss for an ankle brace, thus it is the ideal choice for people who have never tried a brace before. It is also suitable for people who want something that is cost-effective and offering excellent level of support at the same time. In addition of being great for intensive physical activities it is also suitable for everyday use.

Features and specifications:

  • Provides a superior level of support when compared to neoprene;
  • It is available in a wide range of different sizes;
  • It is in possession of a quick fitting strap that is quite easy to put on and take off;
  • Its EVA padding is quite lightweight and fits around every contour of the ankle rightly; and
  • Suitable for people who want to aid an ankle recovery process or want to protect and support an ankle.

More about the Active Ankle Rigid Ankle Brace

A good number of people have complimented the effective fit of this ankle brace. Some users go up to the extent of saying that it feels like a second skin. A lot of people appreciate its lightweight and excellent design. Many people have praised its ease of use especially people who report having previous issues with complex ankle braces. Its design and construction make it an ankle brace for running.

What not to appreciate

This active ankle brace can cause a little discomfort for those having high arch. A good number of people have also experienced manufacturing issues which are often remedied immediately by a call to customer support.

Final word:

This tends to be the best ankle brace for people who want something relatively easier to use. However, it still offers a high level of support. It presently boast 4.2 out of 5 rating in reviews of ankle braces.

Reviews of Ankle Brace: Liveup Sports and Ankle Support Brace

 Liveup Sports and Ankle Support Brace

This is one of the best ankle braces for running that is made with adjustable straps and elastic bandages. It is suitable for running, tennis and soccer. It is also great for sports like weightlighting, bike riding, volley ball and basketball. Pressure adjustment is provided by its elastic wraps. It is composed of nylon, rubber, and polyester. This combination provides ultimate protection and fit of the ankle during your sport workouts. Liveup cushions the ankle against heavy impacts and reduces fatigue allowing you to continue with your workouts for longer periods. It comes with a soft material that mitigates arthritis and relieve sprain. It has other therapeutic applications such as mitigation of arthritis, and planter fasciitis and Achilles pain.


  • Eliminates fatigue;
  • Offers desirable tightness;
  • Efficient for therapy against chronic ailments; and
  • Its composite material offers various comfort and support aspects.


  • Its plastic is not great for extended use; and
  • It is not compatible with some shoes.

Reviews of Ankle Brace: The Shock Doctor Ultra Gel Lance Ankle Support


The Shock Doctor Ultra Gel Lance Ankle Support

This is another wonderful ankle brace from Shock Doctor, with chief difference being the use of gel to offer a better fit and extremely superior levels of support. This makes it the best ankle brace for people who want a comfortable and tight fit brace but are afraid of the brace cutting into their lovely skin. Its lightweight design implies that it can easily fit into most kinds of shoes with ease. This makes it quite excellent for everyday use. In addition the brace is capable of offering the level of support needed by athletes for their daily workouts.

Features and specifications:

  • They are available in a variety of sizes;
  • Its gel padding offers superior fit;
  • It uses antimicrobial advanced technology to reduce odours;
  • You can choose how tight you want to wear the brace thanks to the compression wrap laces; and
  • It features a handy finger tap to hold the ankle brace properly when wearing and fitting to your size.

More about the Shock Doctor Ultra Gel Ankle Brace

A good number of reviews of ankle brace have commented on how the integrated gel support offers extraordinary level of support. It ensures that the ankle remains stable while offering maximum flexibility allowing for greater comfort. A lot of people praise its design that allows them wear practically any type of shoe. It tends out to be very efficient for volley ball.

Final word:

Those who are looking for great ankle support and protection will merely find this ankle brace pretty nice. It scores a 3.9 out of 5 rating in reviews of ankle brace. Its comfort ability is a delightful one.

Reviews of Ankle Brace: The BraceAbility Youth/Child Ankle Brace


The BraceAbility Youth/Child Ankle Brace

Offering lightweight support and protection, it tends to be one of the best volleyball ankle braces for young people. It accelerates the recovery process of your child’s ankle from injury permeating the child to play volleyball again earlier. It features a brace-up design that allows your child easily secure the garments. The brace is also made easier with the provision of a thumb loop. It features an advanced figure 8-technology that ensures the strap remains tight in place while your child is playing. This brace does not only promote the healing process but also reduces inflammation. The straps are secured with Velcro closures. Both sides of the feet are protected by this brace made of durable ballistic nylon. It comes with a flex mesh tongue and Achilles area which promotes comfort ability and health. The nonappearance of a seam makes it more comfortable.


  • Easily secured;
  • stays intact;
  • comfortable;
  • hand washed;
  • light weight;
  • durable; and
  • breathable.


  • Can be tight for children less than 10 years; and
  • Sometimes show size issues.

Review of Ankle Brace: The BioSkinTrilok Ankle Brace

 The BioSkinTrilok Ankle Brace

This is a high quality brace that provides great support for athletes. It assists in treating chronic conditions like tendon tears, planter fasciitis, ankle sprains and PTTD. Without laces, it still offers sufficient stability and comfort ability. In addition, it is lightweight. Lateral unloading and arch support is provided by the Trilok thanks to its design with straps. Instead of featuring laces, its whole garment pulls on like a sock. More comfort is provided thanks to its low profile. Its construction is based on a comfortable and durable material and it is good for running. It is a popular brand among professionals because it assists them in yielding maximum performance at competitions.


  • Offers great support;
  • Treats multiple conditions;
  • Simple to wear;
  • Comfortable; and
  • Light weight.


  • Poor size guide;
  • Tends to stretch out; and
  • Often loosens up.

Reviews of Ankle Brace: The Ultra Ankle High-5 Brace

 The Ultra Ankle High-5 Brace

The Ultra Ankle high-5 is one of the best volleyball ankle braces. It is also suitable for those looking to solve ankle instability and periodic reoccurring joint pain problems. It is fabricated with light material that offers mild rigidity. While allowing a safe range of motion, it fully controls twisting and turning of the ankle. This is the best ankle brace for people who are susceptible to low and high ankle grievances. An adjustable strap is used to secure the garment using a semi-rigid shell. This semi-rigid shell surrounds a 3D padding system. It is designed with contours that offer enough support for athletes partaking in the different competitive games. It uses extra-long straps fit on either feet. It is easy to wear in any shoe.


  • Offers great control;
  • Provides great support;
  • Provides average compression;
  • Possesses a quality securing system; and
  • Fits many shoes.


  • It does not take weight off;
  • Bruises; and
  • Possesses a fragile strap.

Reviews of Ankle Brace: The Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace


The Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace

This is another ankle brace for running that is constructed using breathable neoprene aimed at providing therapeutic heat and preventing skin irritation. This material is comfortable, durable and quite easy to wash. It comes with an adjustable wrap that fits both sizes of the feet. Its 11-inch arch circumference provides a perfect fit for both gender. It does not only provide protection against injuries but also treats chronic ankle conditions such as planter fasciitis. It features an open heel design which is aimed at controlling motion and providing sufficient support for the ankle joint and tendon. However, it remains great for both indoor and outdoor sporting activities.


  • Offers great control;
  • Offers great support;
  • Provide warmth;
  • Easy to wash; and
  • Easily adjusted.


  • Poor heel stability; and
  • Does not last long.


Reviews of Ankle Brace: The VIVE Stabilizer Brace


 The VIVE Stabilizer Brace


This is another very good ankle brace for running. It is carefully constructed using a free breathable neoprene material together with a medically approved latching material. The desired support is provided by the adjustable straps it comes with. This brace is aimed at providing additional comfort and alleviating pain. It easily fits to both casual and athletic shoes and it is great for a wide range of activities. Additional comfort and stability is offered at the sides of the ankle by the incorporated gel material. It also tends to be one of the best volleyball ankle braces you can find at the market. You don’t need to be constantly adjusting this brace thanks to its adhesive latching that avoids discomfort. It is a universal fit brace for both gender. It provides sufficient compression support that allows for a free flow of blood circulation. It also prevents cramping, inflammation, and soreness.


  • Universal fit;
  • Comfortable;
  • Easy to use;
  • Quality material; and
  • Easily adjusted.


  • It is bulky for children; and
  • Possesses no tap for removal.

Ankle brace reviews on Amazon show 59 positive comments concerning the effectiveness of the VIVE. An Amazon customer by name Cindy Rellie wrote on March 19, 2016 in ankle brace reviews testifying it is a good choice.

Reviews of Ankle Brace: The Ipow Nonslip Breathable Brace

 The Ipow Nonslip Breathable Brace

This is another great ankle brace for running that is FDA approved. It provides great protection and support. Thanks to its open heel design, it provides a wide range of motion. It also supports both the ankle joint and the tendons. Slipping while playing is prevented by its 2 adjustable velcros. This ankle brace for running is provided in three different sizes. In addition, its package also comes with a compression wrap and a dual ankle support that highly secures both braces on the ankle.


  • easily secured;
  • offers great support;
  • is health approved;
  • It is easily adjusted; and
  • It is available in various sizes.


  • It is bulky;
  • not durable; and
  • hurts with Achilles heel.

The Ipow nonslip has 77 positive comments in ankle brace reviews on amazon. An Amazon customer named Lan Goddard wrote on June 29, 2016 saying ‘’I find that the Ipow nonslip really works to totally eliminate morning Achilles-tendon pain. It eliminated mine I had following the works I did in the garden previously. Whenever I wore the Ipow nonslip while working, I did not experience any pains. Before purchasing this ankle brace I was in serious pains which is no longer the case.’’

Reviews of Ankle Brace: The ASO 264019-P


The ASO 264019-P

It should be noted that the best treatment is prevention. This is another high quality ankle brace for running that offers you sufficient prevention from rolls, fractures, and sprains during your workouts. It tends to be a must have for all sporting ankles. Not just suitable for running, it can also offer the required protection in other sport activities. It is an excellent brace that can be used even in recovery periods because it is capable of relieving pains and soothing injured joints and ankles. This makes it an essential gear for athletes; it also enhances performance. It is very suitable for those who have already recovered and are looking forth to prevent their ankles from injuries in the future. It works well too as one of the volleyball ankle braces. It is made of premium ballistic nylon that provides supreme durability. It should be noted that this ankle brace is highly flexible and does not hinder movement. It comes with straps on top of the figure eight structure that offers extra support. The brace comes in a wide range of choices allowing you to choose that which best fits you. Kids and teenagers would find that which fits them best. This is the best choice for you to purchase and prevent your loved ones from a serious injury. It is advisable to use a pedometer in order to control the level of physical activity in the recovery phase from an injury.

In reviews of ankle brace on Amazon, the ASO has 2,015 positive comments from her users. An amazon customer by name Layne on March 4, 2016 in ankle brace reviews saying ‘’The ASO is a great and Amazing fix for my flat feet. I am aware it is not the intended purpose but it really works. What I mean by flat feet is that any ankle joint is rolled inward. Even though it is not a problem for all having it, but it makes my ankle have chronic pains. However I find this ankle brace excellent.’’ Still in ankle brace reviews on Amazon, a customer by name Bin Su wrote on March 12, 2016 saying ‘’ I find this a great ankle brace. For recent ligament injuries, sprains, or generally weak ankles needing support, the ASO would do well. I have worn it with a lot of shoes and it remained comfortable.’’

Reviews of Ankle Brace: The Kunto Fitness Products True Fit

 The Kunto Fitness Products True Fit

This is one of the best ankle braces that is great for everyday support. It is the best solution for people who are experiencing discomfort during their daily workouts. Pressure is distributed evenly thanks to its tight fabric weave. By so doing it relieves pain and prevents sprains and strains. The Kunto provides exceptional support. In addition, it reliefs from arthritis, improves joint function, and decreases inflammation. It offers a very gentle and smooth pressure on the skin without putting a lot of pressure on your ankle. This makes it suitable for you to wear it all day long without feeling discomfort. Unpleasant odours are prevented thanks to its breathable material. It also comes with a plastic fabric that prevents this brace from slipping after you have already fixed it. This brace is available in four different sizes allowing you to make a better choice. The Kunto remains a great compression sleeve that will help you in a lot of activities while providing the best support you can ever meet. The Kunto has 644 positive comments in reviews of ankle brace on Amazon. An Amazon customer named SoiSaucer wrote on May 16, 2017 in ankle brace reviews saying ‘’I find the Kunto a great light brace. It is not only light weight but also relatively inexpensive. I have broken by ankle up to 3 times and I cannot count the number of times I have sprained it. This has made my ankle really unstable. I previously used an aircast but needed something smaller and comfortable. The Kunto arrived looking thicker like a sock but when I tried it, I found it was relatively great. Since I purchased the Kunto I have not had any major issues again.’’

Reviews of Ankle Brace: Bracoo Y76540

 The Bracoo Y76540

This is an ankle brace that offers you full freedom of movement. It is an excellent choice for those engaged in active sports with tough workouts. At the same time this ankle brace cares much for your safety. The Brocoo is made of hypoallergic neoprene making it best suited for aerobic sports together and workouts due to its gentle fit. Additional freedom of movement is provided by its open heel design. It provides good support for ankle joints and tendons. Its design guarantees a better breathability. You are offered the possibility of varying its tightness for different levels of comfort ability thanks to its 4-strap closure. This ankle brace does not slip neither does it rub. This brace fits up to 11’’ in arch circumference. It can also be used for post-surgery recovery. It prevents ankle strains which are generally caused by high-intensive workouts. In addition it is priced friendly, so you better get it now before sales end. In reviews of ankle brace on amazon, the Bracoo shows 46 positive comments from her customers. M. Macdonald an Amazon customer wrote on June 16, 2017 in ankle brace reviews testifying that this ankle brace shows great quality and works quite well. In addition, he says he can’t find any ankle brace to compare with this one thereby recommending this for you. Still in reviews of ankle braces on amazon, Adam openly commercialises this ankle brace saying this is a great ankle brace for running.