Ways to Publish in Modern Literature
1 year ago

The modern day literary works face plenty of dilemma when it comes to avenues for publishing works. There are different types of publications that cater to not just the general population but to niche areas including the best fiction novels. The proliferation of the Internet has only added to the choices that the average writer has in getting to the reading public. Let us in brief examine the avenues that would be open to most budding authors.

The Electronic Medium

With computers getting to occupy important places on the desk of practically everyone, there is no limit to the exposure that a good electronic book has to readers. Principally eBooks, especially for young adults just replaces the paper version and is just a medium for storing information in the similar way paper carries written words. The main advantage that an e-book has is the ability to send the publication too far off places at the click of a mouse button. This does present a marked advantage that replaces the postal system to distribute copies of the publication. Along with the speed of travel, the e-book also brings down the costs incurred in making copies of the same publication. Thus it is possible to have numerous copies within a short span of time. 

The Disadvantages of the Medium

In the days of the physical book, people did not question published works. This was because the trouble and expenses involved ensured a minimum deterrence level to spurious works. The lowered costs involved with e-publications have turned this model upside down. The advent of cheaper means of propagating ideas has meant that most charlatans and cheats could bring out works that would compete for attention. Thus the sanctity of publications that decided how to publish an e-book, have been taken away. As is often seen, most cheats and con jobs are now spread through the routes of e-publications. 

The Online Medium

Being online too is a form of e-publication. But the prime difference between an e-publication and an online publication is that the sources of e-publications are many. Whereas the online publication is a single source that can be assessed by more than a single reader at a time. This does address the many shortcomings of an e-publication and is more trustworthy even for online romance novels. But unlike the e-publication of online novels, the reader does need to be connected to the internet to access and read the works.

The Future of Publications

It can be said with a fair amount of authority that the future of e-books is already here. What started off as fads in the early days of the internet has grown to occupy prominent places in academia and as repositories of knowledge. Distances are no longer a restriction to accessing information. Costs incurred in getting across to people have reduced too, along with it the free access to information. Thus, soon it would be a common platform that could cut across political boundaries and physical distances to unify and bring together people of different cultures and regions. The simple technology demonstrators of the yester years of publishing an e-book have come to occupy the mainstream space for accessing and decimating information.

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