Fonolive Marketplace, coming soon!!

The all new and simple Fonolive Marketplace helps you shop for anything, from anywhere and at anytime online.

Do you want to just sell online or do you want to tinker with a website? The new Fonolive Marketplace will give sellers the ability to manage their customers just like they would on their own website.

It will create opportunities to grow and maintain a customer relationship base without taking away your customers. Are you a small or local business on the edge of being knocked out by the big online ecommerce platforms? You will have the tools to stay in business.

Not happy Amazon is now selling the products you used to sell on Amazon? Fonolive Marketplace helps you seize it all back!

Just like we are doing it for local listings and classifieds, we are now adding Fonolive Marketplace to our portfolio and it's all free.

All the tools to help you compete wherever you are right from your keyboard on Fonolive Marketplace.

Join our limited early invite list now!

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