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Hard truths: War in the Southern Cameroons shows no sign of coming to an end anytime soon. Any serious mediation or negotiation is still at least a year or two away.

Paul Biya and Macron of France see no reason for an immediate peaceful negotiation mainly because the current economic statistics are still in their favor. The humanitarian crisis and deaths are not even enough for them to give up their lunch.

They pull from decades of data of how wars are lost and won and the consequences of letting breakaways go easily. To them war is a business. It is always about the bottom line. If you can still extract more from a region after compensating for "collateral", then the stats point in the direction of continuing the war. People are just a number to them. Your name is just "Number X".

Only one thing to bring people faster to the negotiation table, a huge unending peaceful strike in East Cameroon. That should ground all economic activity and the losses will convince the regime and France that an immediate ceasefire and negotiation is the only way forward.

Without a severe peaceful strike in East Cameroon, people would have to brace for a very long war with lasting consequences.

Peace in the Cameroons really now lies in the hands of two individuals, Cardinal Tumi and Maurice Kamto. Can they get the job done or will they chicken out? History will not look back so kindly on them. That when they really mattered, they shied away and watched as tens of thousands got slaughtered.

What one also finds interesting is that the Catholic church in the Cameroons is growing, Christianity is on the rise, the warring factions are Christians, both parties pray for peace, both parties use religion to foster the war, the regime sends out religious leaders to preach peace. Both sides routinely violate their "Thou shall not kill". Perhaps when Cardinal Tumi starts to preach "Thou shall not kill" in the streets as a rebel for truth, only then would one begin to take him seriously. The Good Lord might see such a courageous act and finally come to help.
2019-12-30 19:24:42

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