Correcting a Listing on Fonolive and Associated Sites.

Making Changes

We make it easy to update, change, correct or claim a business listing anytime. To correct a listing, just click on the on-page Update/Change/Claim button and you are good to go.

Fonolive is a free open community project and all users are privileged to make appropriate corrections.

To make changes, you will need to sign in with your Fonolive login credentials. Quickly sign in/signup here

Thousands of businesses change locations, phone numbers, business names etc daily. So, we encourage you to proactively make changes to your listing on Fonolive whenever necessary.

Deleting a Listing/Duplicate Content

If you would like to delete a business listing for a business that is out of business, update the listing with any favorite local business of your choice that is not already listed on the platform. Please, do a search for the business you would like to list to ensure it is not already listed.

Inappropriate Content

Please, use the Report Listing button to report fraudulent listings or listings with inappropriate content e.g. sexually explicit content, content that sow hatred, bigotry, profanity etc.

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Fonolive Development Team

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