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Table Tennis Rubbers: The Meaning Of Their Colors

Table Tennis Store - 5 months ago
175 Tompkins Ave,
Pleasantville, NY

Does the color of a table tennis rubber mean anything today? The answer is, it depends on who you ask. If you're just discovering the sport, the official colors of ping pong are red and black. To a beginning-level player, you might wonder which one is for the forehand side of the racket, and which one for the backhand side? Today any standardization or "rules' have gone out the window, and most people do it any way they choose. The question comes up a lot after people watch matches and observe the two colors. Nowadays, individuality is highly valued, and table tennis players are no exception.

Ten or 20 years ago, the situation was quite different, and the table tennis rubbers used by earlier generations were different. The changes have come about with recent advances and newer technology. Today, the capabilities for spin and speed have increased. Without regard to color, manufacturers emphasize consistency and performance in their products. Their rubbers are designed to deliver spin, speed, weight, and durability. Following their thinking, most players also find virtually no difference between black and red rubbers. But some still insist there is a difference.

Black inverted rubbers can bring a bit more spin in the opinion of those who analyze possible differences. They're generally manufactured inGermany, Japan or China. Higher natural-rubber content red ones are thought to generate more spin than black. If you're a player known for a spin in your game, you may want to join the crowd who favor these rubbers. Players who vary their game a bit depending on the opponent also have some opinions about color. The mental aspects of the game and one's own experience also may factor in. When you have a winning streak, you want to repeat every detail.

In table tennis tournament play, speed is the other significant factor to consider. As a result, some players wonder about the role it plays when it comes to the color of the rubbers on your blades. Pretty much everyone agrees that black rubbers made Japan have the most variation between colors. considerable speed. German-made table tennis rubbers show little difference between red and black. It is safe to presume that in most cases, which rubber is faster, is often in the mind and there is very little difference in rubber speed based on color.

Table Tennis Rubbers: The Meaning of Their Colors Pleasantville
Table Tennis Rubbers: The Meaning of Their Colors is located at 175 Tompkins Ave, Pleasantville
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