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Siam Kitchen, Ottawa

1050 Bank St Tel: 613-7303954

Siam Kitchen

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Siam Kitchen is located at 1050 Bank St 613-7303954 Ottawa ON K1S Canada

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Siam Kitchen



Siam Kitchen opened in Ottawa about twenty years ago, and was (apparently) the first authentic Thai restaurant in the city.

The place has a modest interior, but fantastic food, which includes arguably the most delicious Thai curry in the city. The menu offers a large variety of options, from mild to extra spicy, as well as a good number of vegetarian dishes.

Favorite dishes include: Tom Yum Soup, Pad Makua Tofu, Tamrind beef curry, and Shrimp and pineapple curry.



Lunch Hours

Monday-Friday 11:30am-2:00pm

Dinner Hours

Monday-Satuday 5:00pm-10:00pm

Sunday 5:00pm-9:30pm


(NB: They have a take-away option, but no home deliveries).




1. Poa Pia Goong Tod

Springrolls stuffed with shrimp. 5 pieces. 7.95

1b. Vegetarian Springroll

Springroll stuffed with vermicelli, carrots, black mushrooms and cabbage. 4 pieces. 6.95

2. Satae

Sliced of pork or chicken cooked with coconut milk and dried curry, served with peanut sauce. 7.95

3. Tofu Tod

Deep fried tofu served with sweet & sauce. 7.95

4. Tod Mun Pla

Fried fish cakes served with cucumber & sweet sauce. 7.95


A. Kao Pad Gra-Tiam Prig-Thai

Choice of chicken or pork with garlic and pepper. 8.95

B. Kao Pad Gra-Prow 

Choice of chicken, beef or pork sauteed with basil, chili, mushrooms and peppers. 8.95

C. Kao Pad King

Choice of chicken, beef or pork sauteed with ginger, mushrooms, onions and peppers. 8.95

D. Kao Gang Garee Gai

Chicken prepared with light curry and coconut milk. 8.95

E. Pad Thai

Traditional Thai styled rice noodles with chicken, peanuts, egg and bean sprouts. 8.95

F. Nea Sab Noodle

Chopped beef curry served with lettuce and tomatoes on rice noodle. 9.95

G. Kao Pad Bai Gra-Prow 

Sauteed shrimp and squid with chili, basil, mushrooms and peppers. 9.95

H. Kao Pad Sabarot

Pineapple fried rice with shrimp and squid. 9.95

I. Kao Pad Vegetarian

Vegetable Fried rice (Broccoli, cauliflower, snow pears and carrots) 7.95

I2. Kao Pad Pak

Sauteed vegetables with garlic and oyster sauce. 7.95



5a. Tom Yum Goong 

Hot and sour shrimp soup with lemongrass, lime juice & mushrooms. 3.95

5b. Tom Yum Mushrooms 

Hot and sour soup with lime juice & mushrooms. 3.95

5c. Tom Yum Pak 

Hot and sour soup vegetable soup with lemongrass, lime juice & mushrooms. 3.95

6. Tom Yum Gai 

Hot and sour soup chicken soup with lemongrass, lime juice & mushrooms. 3.95

7. Tom Kha Gai

Chicken soup with coconut milk galanga, chili, lime juice & mushrooms. 3.95

8. Gang Jued Woonsen

Bean thread soup with pork or chicken. 3.95

9. Gang Jued Tofu


10. Yum Siam 

Mixed seafood salad with crispy cashews. 13.95

11. Yum Nuea 

Beef salad with cucumber, lettuce, onion, lime juice & hot pepper. 13.95

12. Yum Woon-sen 

Vermicelli noodles with minced pork, shrimp mixed with hot dressing. 13.95

13. Yum Pla-merk 

Squid cooked with onion, lime juice and hot pepper. 13.95

14a. Pra Goong 

Grilled shrimp cooked with lime juice, lemongrass, onions and hot pepper. 13.95

14b. Yum Rainbow Trout 

Deep Fried rainbow trout with mango salad. 13.95


15. Gang Goong

Steamed shrimp with red curry. 14.95

16. Gang Garee Gai

Chicken prepare with potatoes, light curry and coconut milk. 13.95

17. Gang Keow Warn 

Thai green curry made with your choice of chicken or beef. 13.95

17b. Gang Keow Warn Goong 

Thai green curry with shrimps. 14.95

19. Gai Pad Prig Gang

Red curry fried with chicken and bamboo shoot. 13.95

20. Gang Mussamum Nuea

Beef tamarind curry with potatoes, peanuts and onions. 13.95



21. Goong Sam Rot 

Steamed shrimp topped with spicy, sweet and sour sauce. 14.95

22. Pad Nam Prig Pao 

Sauteed shrimp, or squid with chili sauce. 14.95

23. Tod Gra-Tiam Prig Thai

Sauteed shrimp, squid with garlic and pepper. 14.95

24. Goong Ob Mor Din

Steamed shrimp with vermicelli noodles. 14.95

25. Goong Pad Med Ma-Muang

Sauteed shrimp with cashews nuts & dried chili. 14.95

26. Goong Pak Broccoli

Shrimp stir fried with broccoli. 14.95

27. Pad Bai Gra-Prow 

Sauteed shrimp or squid with chili and basil leaves. 14.95

28. Inhoy Pad Tweoelundow

Scallops stir fried with snow peas. 14.95

29. Goong Pad Yaut Kao Pout

Shrimp stir fried with babycorn and mushrooms. 14.95

30. Goong Pad Ma Cueyow 

Shrimp stir fried with eggplant. 14.95

31. Pla Lad Prig 

Deep fried whole fish topped with sweet, sour & spicy sauce. 14.95

32. Pla Jearn

Deep fried whole fish with ginger, mushroom & onions. 14.95

33. Pla Preow Warn

Deep fried whole fish topped with sweet & sour sauce. 14.95



34a. Gang Keow Warn 

Thai green curry with vegetables. 10.95

34b. Pad Makua Tofu 

Eggplant with beancurd served with chilies and basil leaves. 10.95

35. Pad Ruam Mit

A vegetable blend of colour, flavour & texture sauteed with chef's special sauce. 10.95

36. Pad Tofu

Sauteed bean curd mixed with vegetables. 10.95

37a. Pad Preow Warn

Sweet and sour sauce mixed with vegetable. 10.95

37b. Pad Gra Pow Jay 

Vegetables stir-fried with basil and chilies. 10.95



38. Pad Bai Gra-Prow 

Sauteed chicken, pork or beef with chili and basil leaves. 12.95

39. Pad King

Sliced chicken, pork or beef sauteed with ginger, mushroomos & onions. 12.95

40. Pad Ped Nor-Mai 

Sauteed chicken, pork or beef with bamboo shoots and chili. 12.95

41. Pad Med Ma-Muang

Sauteed chicken with cashews nuts & chili. 12.95

42. Pad Prig Nuea 

Sauteed beef with chili and Thai herbs. 12.95

43. Pad Preow Warn

Sweet and sour pork and shrimp mixed with vegetables. 12.95

44. Gai Tod

Deep fried chicken served with special sauce. 12.95

45. Pad Nuea Nam Mum Hoy

Sauteed beef with mushrooms, onions and oyster sauce. 12.95

46. Gai Pad Broccoli

Chicken stir-fried with broccoli & cauliflower. 12.95

47. Tod Gra-Tiam Prig-Thai

Sauteed chicken or pork with garlic and pepper. 12.95

48. Lapp 

Tangy minced chicken, pork or beef mixed with lime juice, onions and hot pepper. 12.95

49. Neau Yang

Barbecue beef served with tamarind sauce. 12.95

50. Moo Minow

Pork stir-fried with oyster sauce and garlic topped with freshly sliced lime. 12.95



51. Kao Pad Siam

Fried rice with shrimps, onions and tomatoes. 11.95

52. Pad Thai

Rice noodle sauteed with shrimp, peanut, egg and bean sprouts. 11.95

52b. Pad Thai (Vegetarian)

Rice noodle sauteed with peanut, egg, bean sprouts & mixed vegetables. 10.95

52c. Pad Thai (with Chicken)

Rice noodle sauteed with chicken, peanut, egg, bean sprouts. 11.95

53. Southern Thai Style Fried Vermicelli

with chicken, green peppers, egg, bean sprout and curry.

54. Kao Pad Vegetable

Thai style vegetable fried rice. 10.95

55. Kao Pad Gai

Thai style chicken fried rice. 11.95

56. Kao Pad Gra 

Fried rice with chicken, basil and chilies. 11.95

57. Pad Ki Mow 

Thai style spaghetti with chicken. 11.95

58. Pad Woon Sen

Fried vermicelli noodle with pork or chicken & egg. 10.95



J. Jain Laon Ta Lae 

Shrimps, squids and scallops with variety of vegetables, stir-fried in a delicate sauce served on a sizzling plate. 15.95

K. Jain Laon 

Sauteed chicken, pork or beef with vegetables. 14.95

L. Goong Kour Sabarot Goong

Thai curry with shrimp and pineapple in coconut milk. 15.95

M. Ho Mok Ta Lae

Mixed seafood curry with egg and fresh basil. 15.95



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Edited By Sanaa

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