About Us.

Fonolive is a precision search and social classifieds platform (currently in beta). We take great pride in creating opportunities for people and businesses at the lowest possible cost and for us that is 0$. We believe at Fonolive that people and communities all around the world are only “a click away” from each other and we are committed in making that a reality. The world has gotten smaller thanks to many software giants and Fonolive would like to shrink it into “a single click”,

Fonolive seeks to offer free cutting edge technological tools for communities and small businesses that may be financial limited. It also provides a global arena that makes accessibility to places far and near seamless.

We at Fonolive take pride in providing a product for the community and with the community to help move our cities into the next generation.

As the global community shrinks into one unit, it is more than ever necessary to offer a unique product that unites and links our communities in ways we did not have before.

We take pride in growing with communities all around the world and seeing that places far and near, known and unknown become entangled in the never ending essence of life.

We envision a product that is forever free, a product that grows into the very fabrics of every culture, a product that makes every community only a stride away, only a turn away and only a click away from our imagination.

While Fonolive is currently expanding to cover every single community in North America, we are also committed in making your favourite product a home for everyone around the world.

We look forward to having partners that are interested in sharing information and opportunities on how we can improve local accessibility and promote local cultures, heritage, and tourism.

We are proud of all the communities that contribute daily to make Fonolive a true citypedia. Your contribution in adding and editing content enhances the quality of content on Fonolive and makes every community accessible from everywhere and in every way imaginable.. To this we say “Hats Off”!!

For everything fun and local, you can find it on Fonolive

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