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2018-11-16 22:54:55
Big Data has been at the forefront of the phenomenon of ‘Digital Transformation’ that organizations worldwide are currently experiencing. Companies are keen on achieving efficiency and agility in business and for this, industry stalwarts are readily investing in the most contemporary...
2018-11-15 09:52:36
Big Data, in recent years, has generated a lot of discussion and debate about how valuable it is for an organization. Yet, before examining the various uses of Big Data, it will be beneficial to understand its basic characteristics. Simply put, Big Data is distinguished from regular datasets due...
2018-06-20 10:45:49
Our society has been irrevocably changed by the steady wave of developments in digital and communications technologies. Over the past few years, mobile technologies and advancements in mobile app development have come to the forefront. Businesses around the world are recognizing the massive...
2018-05-11 08:02:32
Mobile app development has become increasingly important thanks to the rise in the number of mobile devices in the market today. We use mobile applications for a number of varying purposes, right from ordering take out and booking a flight, to banking and reading the news. However, there are a...
2018-04-06 11:01:44
The mobile app ecosystem has witnessed tremendous growth over the past few years. The growth is expected to continue in the foreseeable future. Overall session app activity grew by 6% in 2017, and users are seen to continue to “diversify their behavior” when using mobile apps, says an...
2018-03-23 09:45:54
The design is often associated with powerful graphics and aesthetically pleasing layouts that convey some sort of communication or a story. The ability of the human brain to decode visual semiotics has brought messaging through design to fore of nearly all media. Today, when we look at a billboard...

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