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2017-02-01 08:43:28
Recently, I started looking into essential oils for my fam. I had just gotten the babe to sleep and had curled up with some peppermint tea when I made the fateful Google search—“Young Living Founder and CEO Gary Young.” I was surprised by the number of negative articles that...
2017-01-13 10:39:48
Last week, was a total treat—I was invited to tour the farm that supplies the organic milk and free-range eggs that I buy at my local health store. Let's just say that getting some face-to-face time with the farm’s five new calves was the highlight of my summer. Anyways, the drive home...
2017-01-12 12:36:25
I hopelessly see the best in people. I defend the callous customer service rep., justify the aggressive flight attendant, even pity the petty thief. (My compulsion for compassion drives my husband crazy). However, there is one individual whom I can no longer, in any way, pardon: “Dr.”...
2017-01-11 10:48:42
In my early years with Young Living, I was a big fan of its founder and CEO, Gary Young. I particularly loved hearing Young’s stories about building the company from nothing.   Even then, however, I remember being alarmed when he described making a homemade distiller by welding two...

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